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Editorial Policy and GRI Content Index

Editorial Policy

The “Sustainability/CSR” section of the Shiseido Group corporate website is edited according to the following policy.

  • We report the activities that lead to the solution of social issues and the role that we play in a sustainable society. We explain how we create social value that we provide as a company to various stakeholders.
  • Scope: Based on Shiseido Company, Limited and the Shiseido Group (81 consolidated companies, as of December 31, 2019).
  • Target period: Mainly fiscal 2019 (from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019). Some pages include content which is prior to the target period or is more recent.
  • Reference guidelines: UN Global Compact, GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative), Environmental Reporting Guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment (2012 edition)
  • Update period: September 2020 (next update scheduled August 2021, previous update July 2019)
  • Our sustainability initiatives are also disclosed in our Annual Report.
  • Some environmental and social data are backed by external guarantee. For details, please refer to “Sustainability Data.”

GRI Content Index

This is a content index created in line with the GRI Standards, an international guideline for information disclosure on sustainability.

* Information related to the GRI Standards is described for reference. It does not indicate compliance with the GRI Standards.

* “Not applicable” indicates topics that are irrelevant or when there are no cases we are involved in at a significant level. “-” indicates topics that we do not disclose.

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