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Primary Initiatives

Here listed are our primary initiatives regarding human rights and responsible procurement.


Amid progress in the globalization of corporate activities and the expansion of the supply chain, we believe it is important to strengthen our response to human rights issues.

Understanding risks throughout the supply chain

As part of strengthening global risk management, we have joined Sedex, a supplier ethical information sharing platform, to manage risks related to labor practices in the supply chain. In 2018, we had discussions with our suppliers regarding the use of Sedex to ensure traceability and transparency in the supply chain and to have them share their ethical information (compliance, environment, human rights, and occupational safety and health) from 45 sites in 31 companies. In addition, we conducted a briefing session on the theme of “Human rights across the businesses” and shared a document describing the theme with our 295 suppliers*. Specifically, we explained our intentions and changes in the revised version of our Shiseido Supplier Code of Conduct aimed at realizing responsible procurement in the supply chain, as well as detailing the effectiveness of Sedex. For suppliers who are not members of Sedex, we are promoting supplier monitoring from multiple perspectives through the Shiseido Supplier Code of Conduct Compliance Questionnaire (our own self-assessment questionnaire), sharing the evaluation results of other accreditation organizations, and sharing the acquisition status of international standards certifications.

  • *Suppliers with a trading record with the Global Headquarters in 2017.

Please check the details in Responsible procurement - Supplier monitoring/Collaboration.

With regard to raw materials (palm oil/mica), which our company considers to carry high risks for human rights, we will strengthen our measures by participating in international initiatives. In order to procure sustainable palm oil, we joined RSPO*1 in 2010 and have reduced risks since then by procuring RSPO-certified raw materials, taking into consideration environmental protection and human rights in the places of origin. In addition, in order to procure sustainable mineral mica and strengthen our responsible supply chain, we joined RMI*2 in 2017. Going forward, we aim to improve traceability and transparency in the supply chain of these raw materials.

  • *1RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
  • *2RMI: Responsible Mica Initiative

Please check the details in Responsible procurement - Procurement of sustainable raw materials (palm oil/mica).

Dialogues with stakeholders

In order to ensure sustainable and responsible procurement and respect for human rights in the course of our business activities, Shiseido works with various stakeholders to discuss both the environment and society and share and resolve issues. In dialogues with human rights experts, we received advice on how to proceed with human rights due diligence and reflect it in our activities.

Please check the details in Responsible Procurement - Dialogue with Stakeholders.

Reporting and consultation center for suppliers

Since 2013, we have been hearing opinions from/consulting with our business partners using the Business Partner Hotline, a center which receives reports from/consults with suppliers in writing and by email (No reporting was made in FY2018.).


Human rights risk assessment

Since FY2017, Shiseido has been conducting the Shiseido Group Engagement Survey for employees throughout Shiseido Group, encompassing Japan and overseas countries, to investigate human rights risks in the workplace, such as discrimination and harassment.

Reporting and consultation center for employees

A consultation center was set up to handle consultations and reports on various employee human rights and labor issues. We set up the In-house Shiseido Consultation Office and the External Shiseido Hotline to receive a broad range of consultations and reports from various workplaces. The Compliance Committee Hotline specializes in receiving reports and Report Mail to Auditors receives reporting on officers.

Please check the details in 2018 Performance - Relationship with Employees.

Human rights education training for employees

Since human rights issues are diverse, the Human Resources Department, Risk Management Department, and Social Value Creation Division are playing the central role in the initiative, working in partnership with the Shiseido Group companies. With regard to the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics and related policies and rules, we conduct regular training and education according to position and job type to deepen our understanding of the human rights of employees and to work to reduce human rights risks. We hold training sessions for top-level employees including the Global Headquarters officers and department directors in Japan, division/department heads of domestic and overseas offices, employees in various divisions/departments, and new employees once a year.


We conduct Human Rights Enlightenment and Corporate Ethics Training once a year for our Corporate Officers. We have been conducting training on business and human rights since 2015.

Employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan

At each business location in Japan, there is a Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion representative in each department, and the Human Resources Department conducts training for those representatives who themselves deliver human rights training to other employees in each of their respective departments. We are enlightening people to eliminate discrimination and prejudice on various human rights issues, such as social integration, women’s empowerment, children, people with disabilities, LGBT, and harassment. In FY 2018, the Company also provided training on the theme “A jovial workplace without moral harassment” for all employees of Shiseido in Japan.

Please check the details in 2018 Performance - Relationship with Employees.

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