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Who We Are

From 2017, Shiseido China formed a comprehensive organizational structure that integrates production, marketing, and research and development. To localize the operation of Shiseido Group brands, the Regional Headquarters of Shiseido China was established in Shanghai. Shiseido China Co., Ltd., Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shiseido Hong Kong Ltd., Shiseido Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Shiseido China Innovation Center work together to provide appealing products and attentive services to Chinese consumers.

With approximately 9,300 employees today, Shiseido China spans the Prestige, Premium, Beauty device and Fragrance businesses. In addition, the company’s long years of research in skin beauty, combined with lessons in China’s diverse climate, culture and customs, has allowed Shiseido to develop unique brands such as AUPRES, URARA and other exclusive brands to fulfill the needs of Chinese consumers.

Our Mission

Toshinobu Umetsu

China Region CEO
Toshinobu Umetsu

Shiseido China is a comprehensive organizational structure that integrates production, marketing, and research and development. At Shiseido China, we are committed to discovering the differences and changes in the needs of Chinese consumers, investing in research, development and production in China, and introducing a more diverse brand portfolio to respond more quickly and effectively to our customers.

As one of the first foreign cosmetic companies to enter China Shiseido has introduced a number of makeup and skincare concepts and products, delivering, witnessing, and creating beauty and power for forty years. Shiseido not only influences Chinese consumers with Japanese-style beauty, but also with the sincere regard for the customer, deep communication, continuous innovation and product development, and use of cutting-edge technologies to improve products. It is these factors that make the future of " The Power of Beauty" bright and promising!

Through our mission, BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD, Shiseido continues to generate innovations that make the world a better place, while actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and creating new values.

Where to Find Us

Shiseido China Co., Ltd.

Shiseido China Co., Ltd.

2F-8F, Block 3, 826 Century Avenue,
PuDong District, Shanghai,
China 200120


Our Brands

Shiseido came to China in 1981, growing together with the China cosmetics market and playing an active role in the development and progress of China’s cosmetics industry. At present, Shiseido provides skincare, sunscreen, perfume and makeup products spanning over 20 cosmetics brands in its Prestige, Premium, Beauty device and Fragrance businesses. In particular, Shiseido has launched multiple unique brands such as AUPRES and URARA which were specially developed for Chinese consumers, supporting each person to become more beautiful and confident.



News from Shiseido China

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