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Shiseido Corporate Museum Online Tour

Shiseido Corporate Museum Online Tour

Welcome to the Shiseido Corporate Museum Online Tour. Discover and enjoy our heritage through the archives of products and advertisements we have created over the past 150 years. This collection of short movies features our history, product package design, promotional items and how Shiseido touches upon the development of cosmetics in Japan.

Japan’s first privately-owned Western-style pharmacy

Advancing into the cosmetics business

First President Shinzo Fukuhara, as an artist

Establishment of the testing room and design department

Shiseido Parlour and Shiseido Gallery

Establishment of cosmetology, hairdressing, and children's clothing departments

Presenting an enriched lifestyle

Publication of cultural information magazines

The Birth of Miss Shiseido

Hanatsubaki-kai and New Shiseido Style Facial Treatment

Period of corporate growth

For a healthier and more beautiful life


The Shiseido font

The Western logo

The Camellia symbol

The cosmetic philosophy of Shinzo Fukuhara

Feminine ideals born from dreams