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Reflecting Consumer Feedback

Consumer Services: Action Policy

The Consumer Communication Center of Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. gathers and analyses consumer inquiries and requests, and shares information throughout the company in order to realize its medium-to long-term strategy. Through these efforts, the Consumer Communication Center recommends the development and improvement of products and beauty information, as well as the improvement of services, to related divisions.
In January 2017, Shiseido further strengthened its Consumer-oriented management system by announcing its philosophy and policy on consumer-oriented management in the form of a "Consumer-Oriented Voluntary Declaration." At the Consumer Communication Center as well, we engage in daily activities under the Customer Response Action Guidelines. Going forward, we will continue to work to promptly detect changes in consumers and social and work to reflect them in our corporate activities, thereby contributing to the enhancement of corporate value through "Consumers-Oriented."

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Consumer Communication Center Consumer Services: Action Policy

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Consumer Communication Center
"Consumer Services: Action Policy"

Major Initiatives

For more than half a century since its establishment in 1968, Shiseido's consumer support desk has responded sincerely and flexibly to customer opinions and inquiries and delivered useful information. We are also actively working to improve our response quality on the consumer support desk. In 2013, our telephone department received a three-star certification in the quality monitoring rating stipulated by HDI-Japan*, followed by a five-star certification in 2016 for the first time in the cosmetics industry. In 2020, the chat department was awarded three stars in inquiry contact rating. We will also periodically implement various external evaluations to further improve customer satisfaction.

In Japan, in addition to communicators who respond directly to consumers, we also have Consumer Support Leaders who oversee customer service at business sites nationwide. In order for communicators to deepen their knowledge necessary for customer service, they have opportunities to participate in seminars conducted by internal and external lecturers and workshops held by Shiseido researchers on safety and product development.
These also aim to improve their skills as customer service representatives by giving them the opportunities to visit factories and research institutes and encouraging them to acquire qualifications to enhance their expertise.
In addition, in order to stably operate consumer support desks even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and to evolve our working styles, we introduced chat at home in 2020 and a remote call center system in 2021, and began responding to consumers at home.
Regarding global consumer response, each region works together to enhance customer support by holding information exchange meetings between customer service managers in Japan and those at each regional headquarters (China, Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA, and Travel Retail).

  • *HDI is the largest membership organization in the world in IT support services established in the U.S. in 1989. It is a member of a number of corporations that rank among the 500 Fortune Global Companies in the U.S. Economic Magazine. HDI-Japan conducts surveys and certifications to evaluate corporate customer contact points with the aim of improving support services.

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Telephone Response

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Telephone Response

Gathering/Sharing/Utilizing Consumer Feedback

In Japan, we collect consumer feedback on our products and services in a variety of situations and methods. These include about 100,000 annual accesses to our consumer support desks and offices via toll-free calls, e-mail, LINE, and letters, as well as about 120,000 in-store customer comments posted by Beauty Consultants working at retail outlets on dedicated tablets, as well as SNS comments.
With the exception of some affiliated companies that independently manage information, information gathered is managed by the system, and is shared by all employees through e-mail or the intranet. In this way, it is used to create value in our products and services.
In addition, by centralizing management in the system, information can be promptly reported to the officers in charge and related divisions, which is also useful in terms of risk management.

Breakdown of feedback received by Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.

Breakdown of feedback received by Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
(Result in FY2022)

Consumer Feedback Information Management Systems

We use Mirror*3, a system for collecting and analyzing consumers feedback in Japan, to reflect it in our products and services.
Consumer feedback, which is aggregated into the Mirror, is linked to VOICE text mining system, enabling all employees to easily visualize consumer feedback and analyze and utilize it according to their purposes. We also use social listening to reflect consumer feedback that does not directly reach companies in our corporate activities. In addition, we are working to improve quality globally in collaboration with GQS*4, a quality information management system that aggregates quality-related requests received from consumers around the world.

Consumer Feedback Information Management Systems

Increasing Contact Points with Various Consumers

In order to meet the needs of increasingly diverse consumers, we have opened official accounts on Twitter and Yahoo! Chiebukuro and introduced chat (LINE and a browser) to strengthen communication with a wide range of consumers. On the Consumer Support page of our website, we use chatbots to answer questions regarding matters such as restrictions on alcohol concentration and flash points when transporting cosmetics. Furthermore, to respond quickly to consumer inquiries, a communicators (persons) who respond to personal inquiries, and AI Mimi-chan, a chatbot that answers simple questions 24 hours a day, are linked using chat (LINE and a browser). Twitter responds to inquiries, thanks people for compliments, and provides support to consumers who are experiencing problems. We are committed to further improving consumer satisfaction through these channels.


A convenient service that uses chat (LINE and a browser) to allow users to ask questions and seek advice casually


The Shiseido Consumer Support Desk Official LINE account QR code and chatbot character (AI Mimi-chan)

Collaborative Education Activities to Learn on Consumers’ Perspective

We strive to improve our products and services by knowing deeply the feelings and backgrounds of consumers, and to become a trusted company, we are also focusing on “co-development” activities for our employees.
On a daily basis, we distribute consumer feedback through our intranet, internal digital signage, internal SNS, and e-mail to create opportunities for all employees to touch the opinions of consumers, thereby raising awareness.
Furthermore, for divisions involved in consumer response and manufacturing, we hold seminars to share consumer feedback tailored to each division and to review individual awareness and behaviors. In these ways, we encourage each employee to become aware of being “Consumer-Oriented” in their daily operations, and we are conducting activities to instill this idea in all corporate activities.

Consumer feedback seminar at factories in Japan and overseas

Consumer feedback seminar at factories in Japan and overseas

National-level CSL training meeting (Japan)

National-level CSL training meeting (Japan)

Product Manufacturing that Reflects Consumer Feedback

BENEFIQUE luxe rebloom night cream
A jar that stores the spatula in an upright position was developed, achieving a high level of functionality and design (2022)

We have adopted a new jar that has a space for storing a used spatula and a lid that can be closed covering it in response to consumer feedback in which consumers said they wanted to keep spatulas (used to scoop cream out of jars) clean, had trouble finding a place to put them, or often lose them.

BENEFIQUE luxe rebloom night cream

ELIXIR Esthetic Essence AD
An original tube-type container that allows for facial massaging while applying the serum was adopted (2022)

We have developed a product for replacement in response to customer requests in which customers said they wanted to reuse the massage roller component repeatedly. This lowers the barrier for customers to continue purchasing the product and reduces environmental impact.

ELIXIR Esthetic Essence AD

MAQUILLAGE Dramatic Cushion Jelly
The shape was improved to make the product easier to use by removing the mesh on the surface, like a normal cushion foundation (2022)

The product before the renewal was designed for applying the foundation onto the puff through a mesh on the surface. Some customers gave us feedback saying that they couldn’t' use up the foundation. To respond to this feedback, we developed a new technology that solidifies the liquid foundation and removed the mesh from the surface, allowing customers to use up all the foundation.

MAQUILLAGE Dramatic Cushion Jelly

The container shape was improved to make the product easier to grip and remain stable as the container emptied(2022)

Some customers gave us feedback saying that, before renewal, the product tended to fall over as the content decreased. For the renewal, we changed the shape of the container to a rounded square to make it easier to grip and made the cap lighter to prevent it from falling over as the container emptied, while at the same time pursuing simplicity and beauty in the bottle design to fit in with an everyday use scene.


Adopted dispensers (2021)

In conjunction with the renewal, we have adopted dispensers and refills to easily get the correct amount at every usage.