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Shiseido Sustainable Beauty Initiative

Shiseido Sustainable Beauty Initiative

Since our company’s founding in 1872, we have demonstrated our respect for society, the environment and nature. Shiseido’s approach has been to create social value across our business activities, and now with our corporate mission, BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD, we aim to solve social issues through an approach unique to a beauty company, while working towards greater sustainability, and enriching people’s lives. Advancement of Shiseido Sustainable Beauty Initiative is centered on the management of our “ESCG” principle, featuring the addition of Culture to the ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) principles.

Clean Environment

Clean Environment

Striving for the ideal of a global environment that supports lives of vibrancy.

1. Reducing our environmental footprint.
2. Developing sustainable products (packaging and formula).
3. Promoting sustainable and responsible procurement.
Respectful Society

Respectful Society

Advancing a society that embraces diversity through respect, and supports lives of beauty.

1. Encouraging a society of full acceptance and vibrant participation.
2. Empowering people through the power of beauty.
3. Working in support of a society that respects human rights.
Enriched Culture

Enriched Culture

Creating new value to enrich culture by transforming beauty.

1. Inheriting our corporate heritage and culture, and refining them for the future.
2. Inspiring a new sense of beauty to create new value, originating in Japan.

Trustworthy Governance

Striving to maintain and improve transparency, fairness and agility of management, while maximizing corporate value over the medium to long term, for all stakeholders.