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Notice of Open Resume
The Shiseido Art House was temporarily closed to prevent the spreading of new coronavirus infectious diseases, but it will restart from July 21 (Tue) with the opening day and the opening hours will be changed.
Considering the health and safety of our customers and staff, we will open from Tuesday to Friday, except Saturday and Sunday for the time being, and open from 10:00 to 16:30.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Information about admission and request to customers
Extending temporary closure
The preparations for our reopening are underway; however, we require more time before resuming.
The temporary closure will be extended while we continue to prepare to reopen.
For more information regarding the reopening schedule, please refer to the “NEWS” section of our website, where we will be providing updates as we proceed.
These measures are for the health and safety of both our visitors and our staff.
We appreciate your understanding.
Extending temporary closure
Shiseido Art House is temporarily closed as well as from March 31 (Tue) on.
Further information on reopening will be announced on the “NEWS” of our website.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Published a video of Poems of Spring Exhibition.
Notice of extending temporary closure
In consideration of current new coronavirus situation, the museum is closed from March 1 (Sun) to March 31 (Tue) 2020.
As a result, the Gallery Talk scheduled on March 28 (Sat) will also be cancelled.
We will inform you of the schedule after April 1 (Wed) on "NEWS" of our website.
We apology to everyone looking forward to visiting the museum and ask for your understanding.
Notice of temporary closure
The museum is temporarily closed from March 1(Sun) to 16(Mon) to prevent the further spreading of new coronavirus infectious(COVID-19).
We would appreciate your understanding as this is intended to consider the health and safety of our visitors and staff.
In addition, we will inform you of the schedule after March 17 (Tue) again on our website.
We will cancel the Gallery Talk on Friday, February 28 to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus.
Prevention of Infection against the New Coronavirus
In order to prevent the spread of infections, we ask visitors to hand-disintegrate their hands with alcohol at the reception and in the museum.
In addition, staff wear a mask in the building to respond to inquiries.
Related events scheduled to be held may be postponed or cancelled immediately before it.
Again, we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
≪Related Events≫ * This event has ended.
Decorate cherry blossoms in the Shiseido Art House Lobby Period:
January 16 (Thu) to February 16(Sun), 2020
(Subject to change without notice due to weather conditions)