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Stakeholder Engagement

We actively engage ourselves in the following opportunities together with our stakeholders to reflect their expectations and opinions.

Stakeholders Engagement Major engagement opportunities Responses
  • Shiseido Consumer Communication Center

  • SNS(Social Networking Services)

Approximately 100,000 opinions and inquiries were directed to the Communication Center, while 130,000 consumers provided feedback to Beauty Consultants at storefronts. Increasing points of contact with various consumers. We make efforts to enhance consumer support, focusing on younger generation using SNS such as Twitter, Yahoo! Chiebukuro, and the chat feature of LINE.
  • Consulting/reporting desk for suppliers

  • Briefing session on purchasing activity policy

  • Awarding business partners who have contributed to the development of business

The Business Partner Hotline was opened in Japan to prepare the system for receiving opinions from suppliers and giving advice to them. Holding annual briefing sessions on purchasing activity policy in Japan and China with the aim of the wide dissemination of the procurement policy. Business partners who have contributed to the development of business were selected on the three aspects of quality, cost reduction and technical development and given the award.
Business Partners
  • Dialogue with owners of chain stores

We organized the Platinum Shop Convention in which top management directly expresses company policy and brand strategies to shop owners and employees who sell Shiseido cosmetics.
  • The Shiseido Group Engagement Survey

  • Points of contact for employee inquiries/Whistleblower system

  • Management councils/ Labor-management discussions

  • Training for all employees/Position-specific training

  • The Shiseido Group Engagement Survey is conducted every two years, targeting all Group employees as a structure for listening to employee opinions.

  • We have established the in-house Shiseido Consultation Office and Shiseido External Hotline receiving inquiries and reports covering a wide range of topics regarding the workplace, and the Compliance Committee Hotline specializing in reported cases.

  • Holding labor-management talks on the themes of “working conditions and benefits package for employees” and “work style reform.”

  • Human rights enlightenment and corporate ethics training are conducted at all business locations of the Shiseido Group in Japan once a year.

Local Communities
  • Environmental education

  • Social contribution activities by each corporation and business office

  • The Kakegawa Factory offers an environmental study session every year for elementary school students in cooperation with Kakegawa City.

  • Dialogue with stakeholders

  • Camellia Fund

  • Engaging in dialogue with human rights and environmental experts and received advice on how to advance due diligence regarding human rights.

  • Supporting 10 NPOs/NGOs by the Shiseido Camellia Fund (donations made by Shiseido Group employees).

Shareholders Investors
  • General Meeting of Shareholders

  • Financial results

  • Briefing session for individual investors

  • Integrated Report

  • Shareholders’ meeting

  • Holding the general meeting of shareholders and disclosing information on the corporate information website.

  • Conducting the briefing of financial results, disclosing information on the corporate information website.

  • Conducting a briefing session for individual investors, distributing video.

  • Publishing the Integrated Report.

  • Organizing a facility tour for shareholders.