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Research Grant

Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant

Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant is a research fund to support female researchers, aiming for a leadership position in the future. Based on our belief that supporting female researchers who will be leaders of the next generation will contribute to the advancement of science and technology, we have provided research grants annually to 10 excellent female researchers in a wide variety of fields in natural science* since 2007. *generally referring to science, technology and life sciences. As a company that supports the empowerment of women, Shiseido supports the academic research activities by female researchers from diverse perspective, with broad view of the environment surrounding the female researchers. We welcome unique, creative research projects that have the potential to expand the fields of research.

Application Guidelines for the 17th Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant


The Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant contributes to the development of talented female researchers aiming for a leading position in the future by providing support for women conducting world-leading research in the field of natural sciences.

Disciplines covered

Disciplines of natural science (science and engineering or life science fields).
Disciplines relating to research on cosmetology and health, or research that has the potential to develop into those areas, are welcome.

Grant Amount / Number of Grants

One million yen per grant / max. 10 grants awarded (10 million yen in total per annum)

Grant Funded Research Period

The 17th Grant Period: One year from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024

Uses of Grant

Research expenditures (lab equipment costs, test reagent costs, etc.), employment of research assistants, etc.
Please note that expenses related to animal testing cannot be used for research grants.

Target Applicants

Female researchers who will conduct research in disciplines of natural science at a Japanese university or a research facility other than companies in Japan during the grant period.

  • *No restrictions in terms of age or nationality.
  • *No references required. This is a completely open application system in which anyone is free to apply.
  • *Individuals who are researchers already in a leadership role (professors, etc.) and graduate / undergraduate students at the time of application are ineligible to receive the grant.
  • *No limit on number of applications (number of times applying). However, those who have previously received the grant are ineligible to receive it again.

Application Method

The application method has been changed to a Web application from the 12th application.
For details, please read the 17th application guidelines.
Click the new member registration button below to obtain the My Page for the Web application.


12:00 (noon) November 16 (Thursday) 2023 (End of registration period)

Evaluation Criteria

Judges outside Shiseido and judges within Shiseido objectively assess the following criteria in their decision-making.

Judging Committee

Head of Judging Committee
Yosuke Tojo, Executive Officer of Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Judges outside Shiseido (in alphabetical order: Associate Professor Ikuko Kakizaki of Hirosaki University, Honorary Professor Kashiko Kodate of the Japan Women's University, Professor Takashi Kondo of Tokyo University, Professor Kimiko Yabe of Fukui University of Technology)

Announcement of Results from Judging

All applicants will be notified of results in or after March 2024. After June 2024 the names of grant recipients and research titles for which they applied will be posted on the site, and a press release will be issued.

Inquiries regarding applications

Please read the following and send us an inquiry via email.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Requests for disclosure, modification, and deletion of personal information should be addressed to the Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant Office . Requests will be handled promptly after identity verification. For details, refer to the Privacy Policy of the Company.

Summary of the applicants for Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant (1st to 16th application)

Trends in number of applicants

Applicant background

Permanent / Fixed-term
  • *Summary of the attributes of the applicants for the 1st to 16th to application