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Employment and Work of Employees

At Shiseido, both the Company and employees make utmost efforts to maintain employee sustainability. To ensure long-term employment, we comply with laws and practices of countries and regions around the world, and respect diversity and promote the creation of rewarding workplaces in accordance with the Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Shiseido recruits employees through the periodical employment for both new and recent graduates and the mid-career employment for employees with expert working experience. We make efforts to improve our employment system to provide a variety of employment opportunities, give consideration to the diverse working styles of our employees. As specified in labor agreements, the Company and the Labor Union consult with one other in good faith to make decisions, if any, that may have significant impact on the lives of employees or become necessary due to the establishment or relocation of a business facility.


Employee Benefits

Aiming to "realize a rich and comfortable life" for employees and their families, Shiseido focuses on enhancing employee benefits along with improving working conditions, providing support to enable active involvement in both the Company and community.

Welfare Measures to Support Career Advancement and Life Design

Shiseido supports employees in both their work and life, with career advancement and life design based on measures of autonomy and self-responsibility.

Systems and measures to support employees in balancing work and child/family care and to help realize the work-life balance of employees, as well as various other measures, include Company housing, Housing Allowance and other housing support programs, asset building support, the employee stock ownership program, and the consolation payment program We have also introduced the Cafeteria Plan (selective employee benefit plan) through which the Company offers menus that correspond to the lifestyles and needs of employees, ranging from “workplace revitalization,” “self-development,” and “childcare and family care” to “health promotion.” Employees may choose support programs as necessary accordingly.

Supporting Employees’ Life Plans through Corporate Pension

Shiseido supports employee life plans and financial management plans. The Shiseido retirement benefit program consists of a defined benefit pension and defined contribution pension or advance retirement allowance. Employees may choose from either the defined contribution pension plan or advance retirement allowance. For the defined contribution pension plan, through periodical provision of information on asset management and investment, Shiseido supports employees to take the initiative in planning their lives after retirement. Some overseas subsidiaries offer a defined benefit system, lump-sum retirement allowance system, and defined contribution system.

Labor Unions

The Shiseido Group actively promotes information sharing regarding general corporate activities and discussions with employees to resolve issues in a concerted manner based on the belief that “good labor management relations are fundamental to corporate management.” Labor unions have been organized in Shiseido and some Group companies (including overseas subsidiaries). In Japan, the Shiseido Labor Union adopts and operates the Union Shop System in representing certain employees of Shiseido Company, Limited, Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. and some affiliates.
In its labor agreement, Shiseido and the Shiseido Labor Union confirm to "recognize the social mission of Shiseido's business, strive to realize sound development of the Company, and maintain and improve the economic and social status of employees, thereby sustaining labor-management relations based on goodwill and trust." On this basis, both parties aim to honor their mutual stance and hold management councils as well as labor-management discussions in consideration of various issues. Specifically, we actively hold labor-management talks on the themes of "treatment and benefits for employees," "work style reform," and "proper management of working hours, including reduction of long working hours" to ensure appropriate business operations. In addition, at each site in Japan, discussions are held on their own labor-management issues. Overseas subsidiaries also do business while respecting the labor laws and regulations of respective countries, and thereby strive to build and maintain sound labor-management relationships through communication between the Company, labor unions and employees.