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Respectful Society

Advancing a society that embraces diversity through respect, and supports lives of beauty.

Respectful Society

1. Encouraging a society of full acceptance and vibrant participation.

  • *In Apr 1934, Miss Shiseido, the predecessor of Beauty Consultants, was born.
  • ** The Gender Gap Index is an indicator of gender disparities in countries published by the World Economic Forum. It ranks each country by analyzing 14 items in the areas of politics, economics, education, and health.

KPIs:Ratio of female managers (Japan) 
40% by end of 2020

Europe and the French Gender Equality Index [PDF:65.2KB]

2. Empowering people through the power of beauty.

For many years, Shiseido has supported, through multiple activities in beauty and makeup seminars, those suffering from serious skin concerns, such as bruises, scars, and changes in skin appearance due to cancer treatments. Our support for consumers through the power of beauty is ongoing, as we strive to empower a society where people can feel at ease and lead fulfilling lives with confidence.

KPIs:Shiseido Life Quality Make-up Activity Development
14 countries/regions by 2022

3. Working in support of a society that respects human rights.

Respect for human rights is a core pillar in all our business activities. We value employee diversity and fully support open, inclusive, and respectful workplaces. The Shiseido Group’s Human Rights Policy is modeled on the United Nations Guidance Principles on Business and Human Rights. To ensure that the rights of our employees, partners, and stakeholders (including those in raw material production) remain intact, we resolve any such issues in full cooperation with any and all involved parties.

Human Resources

Basic Policy Regarding Personnel Affairs

Shiseido Group's basic policy regarding personnel affairs.

Diversity and Inclusion

Specific initiatives to promote diversity.

Realizing a Rewarding Workplace

Systems and measures introduced at Shiseido to enable all employees to realize work-life balance and increase productivity.

Fair Evaluation of Employees

Rules and guidelines regarding the handling of evaluations and other relevant matters that have been established as personnel affairs policy.

Utilization and Development of Human Resources

Shiseido Group's human resources development policy, its promotion and career support measures in Japan and overseas.

Employee Safety and Health

Support systems to protect the invaluable health of each and every employee.

Employment and Labor

Basic information on the number of employees, welfare and benefit programs, and employment in the Shiseido Group companies.

Good Relationship with Labor Union

Shiseido Group is working to build and maintain a sound employer-employee relationship through communication among management, labor unions and employees.

Respecting Human Rights and Ensuring Responsible Procurement

Our Human Rights Approach

Shiseido has established the Shiseido Group Human Rights Policy based on the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and its basic corporate philosophy, which is described in the group-wide code of ethical behaviors.

Human Rights Promotion System

Shiseido Group's Human Rights Risk Assessment is undertaken by the following personnel in the Shiseido Company, Limited (Global Headquarters).

Primary Initiatives

Here listed are Shiseido’s primary initiatives regarding respect for human rights and ensuring responsible procurement.