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Advancing a society that embraces diversity through respect, and supports lives of beauty.

We are committed to realizing Shiseido’s corporate mission, “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD,” by prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as our key business strategy.
We aim to create a culture where employees respect individuals’ differences regardless of gender, age, or nationality, feel valued, and continue to contribute to innovations through the synergy of our diverse workforce.

We have set our strategic actions as “Advancing Gender Equality” and “Empowering People Through the Power of Beauty,” and by 2030, we will support 1 million people in each of these actions, leveraging our findings and expertise from our longstanding efforts. We remain firmly committed to respecting the human rights of all stakeholders.
This commitment is the foundation for working with all the stakeholders throughout our business, including employees and consumers, for a highly inclusive society where everyone can be their authentic self.

1. Advancing Gender Equality

In the Global Gender Gap Report 2023, the World Economic Forum*1 reported that girls around the world who cannot receive primary and secondary education because of barriers such as child marriage, poverty, discrimination, and gender prejudice, are in an increasingly dire situation.
Japan’s ranking for gender equality is in the 125th place*2, the lowest among major developed countries, showing little improvement in 16 years since the first report in 2006, with women’s participation especially low in the areas of politics and the economy. The World Economic Forum reported that it would take another 131 years to close the gender gap. Shiseido believes this is a pressing issue in Japan.
As one of our strategic actions, "Advancing Gender Equality," we are aiming to support 1 million people by 2030. To reach this goal, we are Women’s and Girls’ Education and Financial Independence Worldwide.”

  1. *1:The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization based in Switzerland aimed to resolve global economic issues by engaging political, political, academic, and other leaders of society.
  2. *2:Based on the index for measuring the gender gap between areas and countries used in the Global Gender Gap Report.2023

Empowering People Through the Power of Beauty

There are people everywhere in the world who avoid interactions because of their age, health condition, disability, a change in their physical appearance, and other concerns and hardships.
There are also people who feel they have difficulty maintaining social connections because unconscious biases and fixed ideas that they experience everyday hinder their individual expression of beauty. At Shiseido, we advocate the power of beauty as instrumental in mental and physical well-being, as well as social well-being*1. We engage in various activities to achieve a society where everyone feels empowered, confident, and free to be themselves. We are a beauty company that enables diverse beauty, and we strive to eliminate assumptions and prejudices associated with beauty for a world where everyone can celebrate each other’s beauty.

As one of our strategic actions, "Empowering People Through the Power of Beauty," we are aiming to support 1 million people by 2030. To reach this goal, we are building upon our accumulated findings and expertise to focus on “Cultivating Self-Efficacy Through the Power of Beauty” and “Challenging the Unconscious Biases and Prejudices that Limit Individual Beauty.”

  • *Social well-being is defined as the sustaining of meaningful relationships with society and people.

Promoting Respect for Human Rights

At Shiseido, respect for human rights is at the core of our DNA. Across our business, we are dedicated to respecting and protecting the rights of our diverse group of stakeholders, including business partners and employees.
We are committed to eradicating human rights issues — including forced labor and child labor — as well as workplace harassment, which is an issue that has become more prevalent due to changes in social structure and the rise of more diverse values. We are aware that failure to take appropriate action against such issues poses great risk to our company and all our stakeholders.
Across the Shiseido Group, we have standards and policies in place to guide our actions when it comes to human rights. Based on the Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics, which stipulate the mandatory behavior expected of every individual working for the Shiseido Group, we ensure that our business is always conducted according to high ethical standards.