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Utilization and Development of Human Resources

Human Resources Development Policy

Shiseido has been earnest in its human resources development since it was founded. The Company, in fact, was once known in society as "Shoseido" which translates to "hall of scholars."
We continue focusing on developing personnel as the most important management resource, as we have over past years upholding our policy of PEOPLE FIRST, and now, specifically aiming to fulfill our mission to create BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.
Toward this end, we are striving to “increase individual competencies” and “fulfill individual potential” to increase organizational competencies, thereby “enhancing corporate strength.” And for this purpose, we are stepping up HR development efforts, defining core competencies in line with THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY to provide a basis for capability-building programs and evaluation systems.

Performance Management

For fulfilling individual potential, we have established Performance Management systems based on core competencies defined in line with THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY, looking to help all employees around the world achieve professional growth and produce expected results.
The basic concept of the systems is that each employee sets challenging goals, works to attain the goals using support from managers and capability-building programs, and achieve fast growth and produce high-level performances. Managers, a key player in the above process, undergo training in necessary management skills, such as for coaching and feedback-giving, and receive feedback from subordinates through 360-degree surveys. These plans aim to foster a culture that encourages reciprocal feedback activities for organizational development, in addition to improvement of management skills.

Global Talent Management

For increasing individual competencies, we have launched Global Talent Management programs, designed to accelerate the development of global business professionals through strategically planning a range of HR-related processes from recruiting, screening, training to assignment. Specifically, we identify superior talents having potential for global business activities, promote inter-regional HR mobility, and run level-based, targeted training programs at the Shiseido Leadership Academy. These efforts are directed at optimal personnel assignment and effective capability-building from global and long-term perspectives.
Particularly, the Shiseido Leadership Academy, committed to its mission to “inspire, ignite, and connect Shiseido leaders to lead BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD,” offers training programs to selected candidates for future global business leaders, with a focus on leadership qualities and management insights.
In addition, each regional headquarters develops their own leadership and business skill-building programs to address local needs and issues, in order to enhance respective talent pipelines.