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Activities to Enhance Corporate Ethics

Training for Employees

(1) Enhancement of Corporate Ethics in Workplaces

(2) Training for All Employees (Once a Year)

(3) Position-specific Training (Once a Year)

Whistleblowing and Consultation Hotlines for Employees

  • *The hotline system consists of the “Sodan Room (in-house Shiseido Hotline)” and an external Shiseido Hotline that deal with workplace issues in general and whistleblowing, as well as the Compliance Committee Hotline dedicated to whistleblowing, and a separate and direct e-mail route to the Audit & Supervisory Board for reports relating to corporate officers.
  • *Shiseido also has a Business Partner Hotline for suppliers and business partners to voice any concerns on human rights and compliance, etc.

Mitigating the Risk of Discrimination/Harassment