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Activities to Enhance Corporate Ethics

Training for Employees

(1)Enhancement of Corporate Ethics in Workplaces

We have assigned the Corporate Ethics & Compliance Leaders in each office in Japan to be in charge of the thorough informing and promotion of corporate ethics. In other regions outside Japan, Risk Management Officers take charge of ethics promotion in each region. The Risk Management Officers are supported by the Business Ethics Officers at the affiliate level.

(2)Training for All Employees (Once a Year)

Human rights and corporate ethics trainings are conducted for all employees of the Shiseido Group in Japan with emphasis on raising awareness through employee discussions.
Various trainings are held to improve communication culture at workplace.

(3)Position-Specific Training (Once a Year)

According to one’s position (corporate officers, managers, new recruits) and work location, all employees receive a training once a year.

Ethics & Compliance Hotline

We have established Ethics/Compliance Hotlines* to receive reports and consultations regarding behaviors which violate the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics.

*As a means of reporting, we have established the Compliance Committee Hotline specialized in whistle-blowing, “Sodan Room (in-house Shiseido Hotline)” to deal with workplace issues in general, and an external Shiseido Hotline. For reports related to corporate officers, a separate and direct reporting route to audit & supervisory board is secured.

*Shiseido also has the Business Partner Hotline for suppliers/partners to report concerns or receive consultations on human rights and compliance.

To make known these hotlines to employees, we have distributed Shiseido Ethics Card, posters, messages on the intra-company bulletin board etc., all of which clearly state that no employees will be dismissed/discharged from service or receive other disadvantageous treatment due to reporting. Overseas branches and offices have a local/regional hotline, in addition to which, there is a Shiseido Group Global Hotline at the company headquarters for direct reports from overseas employees.

Surveys on Employee Harassment and Compliance

Shiseido conducts regular surveys for employees in Japan to identify workplace harassment / compliance risk factors and to mitigate such risks. Survey results are shared with relevant departments to implement necessary measures, including additional training.