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Who We Are

Shiseido Americas is a leading global beauty company. Shiseido Americas’ portfolio of prestige beauty brands includes SHISEIDO, NARS, Clé de Peau Beauté and several fragrance brands including ISSEY MIYAKE and narciso rodriguez.
Shiseido Americas is headquartered in New York City and employs more than 2,500 individuals in the United States, Canada, and throughout Latin America. In 2019, Shiseido Americas acquired Drunk Elephant and the worldwide beauty license for Tory Burch.

Our Mission

Ron Gee

Americas Region CEO
Ron Gee

With a respectful nod to our Japanese heritage, Shiseido Americas is focused firmly on the future of beauty, fully embracing the entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit that has long defined our region.

Our essence lives in our people, connected by the rich tapestry of human diversity that has always been the heart of our company. Shiseido’s cultural crossroads meet in the Americas and we draw daily upon the variety of skills, experiences and perspectives of our fellow employees.

Our M&A strategy is designed to propel all of Shiseido from strength to strength, expanding the breadth and depth of our expertise and securing the future of our company.

Proudly headquartered in the Americas are five of Shiseido Group’s most dynamic brands, Proudly headquartered in the Americas are two of Shiseido Group’s most dynamic brands, NARS and Drunk Elephant. Individually, they cross the spectrum of beauty, each with an exceptionally compelling story, a unique range of offerings, and a diverse community of loyal customers. As a collection of iconic brands, they represent the future of beauty, combining powerful innovation with a vision rooted in quality, and shaped by experience.

Our aspiration, always, is to be a source of talents, of best practices, and of the innovation that drives Shiseido forward. Our ambition is to be a strong and healthy source of business, and to contribute broadly and boldly to our company’s success. Together, these form the principal mission of Shiseido Americas.

For us, the future of beauty lies not just in brick and mortar or even in digital and social, but in the convergence of science and soul, and at the summit of art and authenticity.

Where to Find Us

Shiseido AMERICAS RHQ Office

Our Brands

Shiseido Americas is Shiseido Group’s global home for the NARS, Tory Burch and Drunk Elephant brands.
We are the Americas regional headquarters for the SHISEIDO and Clé de Peau Beauté brands as well as the ISSEY MIYAKE, and narciso rodriguez fragrance brands.



Innovation, collaboration, agility and growth are the hallmarks of Shiseido Americas. As a diverse and dynamic organization, we work every day to strive for excellence, to serve our customers and to nurture our employees. If our values meet your goals, we invite you to explore a career with Shiseido Americas, and make our future your own. Have a look at our open positions today.