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Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics

Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics define the actions that must be taken and shared by each and every employee of the Shiseido Group.
The Standards are set not only abiding by the laws of each country and region, internal rules and regulations of the Shiseido Group companies, but also the action standards for business conduct with the highest ethical principles.

Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics

With Consumers

1. We consistently strive to research, develop, manufacture and sell safe and excellent products and services that deliver true satisfaction from the standpoint of consumers.

(1) We always place the highest priority on quality and safety to ensure the confidence of consumers. Moreover, we comply with our own stringent internal standards in addition to external regulations, and carry out safety assessments.

(2) We provide information that consumers need in a timely and appropriate manner. Furthermore, we clearly and accurately present and carefully explain information that consumers need when selecting products and services.

(3) We produce ethical, creative and appealing advertising that wins the support of consumers and helps them in selecting products and services.

2. We sincerely strive to enhance satisfaction and trust at all points of contact with consumers.

(1) We always treat consumers with a sense of appreciation and the spirit of OMOTENASHI.

(2) We handle consumer complaints sincerely and promptly.

(3) We take consumer feedback seriously, and use it to improve and develop products and services.

3. We continually strive to increase the value of all of the Shiseido Group’s brands.

(1) We earn trust and increase the value of the Shiseido Group’s brands by thinking together with consumers about how we can help them achieve beauty and well-being. We also strive to increase brand value at stores and other points of consumer contact.

(2) We manage intellectual property, which increases the value of the Shiseido Group’s brands, to prevent infringement. We also respect the intellectual property rights of others.

With Business Partners

1. We select business partners properly, and engage in fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate business transactions.

(1) We choose our clients, suppliers, outsourcing vendors and other business partners on the basis of their efforts to respect human rights, comply with laws, protect the environment and address social issues, as well as considerations such as quality and price.

(2) We do not engage in unfair price fixing, collusion, dumping or any other actions that hinder free competition.

2. We do not provide or accept gifts or entertainment that may cause suspicion regarding our fairness.

(1) We do not give or accept money or gifts in the course of our work with our business partners. Exceptions are seasonal and courtesy gifts given as a matter of custom, provided that such gifts are within socially acceptable limits.

(2) We also keep meals and entertainment with our business partners within socially acceptable limits only.

3. We respect all of our business partners who share our aims, and work together with them toward sustained growth.

(1) We maintain equitable relationships with our business partners, and do not apply coercive pressure.

(2) We share our stance regarding fulfillment of social responsibility, including respect for human rights,compliance with laws and protection of the environment, with our business partners and encourage them to take their own voluntary initiatives.

(3) We cooperate with our business partners in working to enhance the value of the Shiseido Group’s brands.

With Employees

1. We respect the character and individuality of everyone in the work place, in all their diversity, and strive to develop and grow together.

(1) We never engage in or tolerate discrimination on any basis including, but not limited to, race, color, gender, age, language, property, nationality or national origin, religion, ethnic or social origin, political or other opinion, disability, health status and sexual orientation, nor do we engage in or tolerate moral harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of power.

(2) We work together with our co-workers to fulfill our potential in our jobs.

(3) We strive to maintain a dialogue with our co-workers, and are committed to their growth as well as our own.

(4) We strive to conduct fair evaluations.

2. We work conscientiously and maintain a clear distinction between professional and private matters.

(1) We properly manage confidential and personal information to prevent it from being leaked or lost, and do not use such information improperly.

(2) We do not engage in businesses that compete with the Shiseido Group’s products or services, or in any other actions that could negatively affect the Shiseido Group’s business operations.

(3) We do not use our authority or position to obtain personal entertainment or goods, and do not solicit cooperation in personal activities or provide favors to third parties.

3. We strive to create a safe, healthy work environment and enhance employees’ comfort and sense of fulfillment.

(1) We seek to make work environments safe, clean and healthy.

(2) We strive to maintain and manage our physical and mental health, and to maintain an appropriate work/life balance.

With Shareholders

1. We strive to continuously enhance the Shiseido Group’s corporate value by making full use of its tangible, intangible, financial and other assets.

(1) We manage assets properly, and use them appropriately and wisely for business purposes and contribution to society.

(2) We prudently assess investments and loans, and follow proper procedures when undertaking them.

(3) We comprehensively assess business risks and take proactive measures to preclude them. In the event of a crisis, we respond quickly to minimize loss, and work to prevent a recurrence.

2. We comply with rules concerning corporate governance and internal controls, and follow proper accounting procedures.

(1) We conduct accurate financial and tax accounting to ensure credibility.

(2) We maintain strong internal and external audit functions to conduct sound corporate management.

(3) We properly handle information that could affect our share price, and never engage in unfair transactions such as insider trading.

3. We place importance on dialogues with shareholders and investors, and strive to earn their trust.

(1) We deal with all shareholders and investors impartially and disclose accurate management information actively and promptly. We also build good, trusting relationships with shareholders and investors by incorporating their views in our corporate management.

(2) We properly conduct the general meeting of shareholders, the highest decision-making body of a company, to fulfill our accountability to shareholders.

With Society and the Earth

1. We abide by the laws of each country and region in which we operate, and maintain sound ethical behavior as well as respect human rights.

(1) We abide by the laws and respect the history, culture, customs and other aspects of each country and region in which we operate.

(2) We respect international laws including treaties. We never engage in human rights violations such as child labor or forced labor.

(3) We do not have relationships with individuals or organizations that engage in illegal activities such as threatening public order or safety. We also do not respond to any requests for money or services from such individuals or organizations.

(4) We strictly maintain fairness and a high level of transparency in our relationships with national and local government entities and officials, political parties and politicians.

2. We promote environmental initiatives in line with our own stringent standards, and consider biodiversity as we aim for a sustainable society in which humanity and the Earth coexist beautifully.

(1) We strive to mitigate climate change through efforts such as reducing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG).We also manage chemical substances properly to prevent air, water and soil pollution.

(2) We strive to minimize waste in our business processes and in use by consumers, with emphasis on the 5Rs:
Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.

(3) We work to develop new products and services that bring out the beauty of consumers and are also eco-friendly.

(4) We proactively develop new technologies to balance environmental initiatives with our business activities.

3. We engage in a broad dialogue with society and strive to cooperate in solving social challenges.

(1) We strive to meet the expectations of global society through various activities, such as using the power of cosmetics to lift people’s spirits and improve their quality of life, furthering the advancement of women, promoting the arts and culture, and conducting environmental activities.

(2) We work to deepen our interaction with communities where our affiliates are located and contribute to their development, thereby fulfilling our responsibility as a good corporate citizen.