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Achieving the impossible encounter.


In 1872, Eastern wisdom met Western science, and Shiseido was born.
And with that,
our world of dualities began.

DYNAMIC HARMONY: A world where contrasting or complementary forces come together,
exquisitely creating fusion and entirely new forms of beauty.
Shiseido’s unique approach cannot be defined by just one quality.
It is a way of looking at skin that has been passed down with care, from researcher to researcher, for over 100 years.

Our technology and creativity enable the encounter of divergent values.
Our aim is to create innovative beauty for people, for lifestyles, for society.

Inside/Outside, Functionality/Japan Quality, Science/Creativity,
Premium/Sustainability, Individual/Universal.

For as long as we are Shiseido,
there is no end to the creation of new encounters with DYNAMIC HARMONY.


Based on our R&D philosophy “DYNAMIC HARMONY”, through the establishment of five research approaches, we will deepen the research areas in which we have long been specialized and respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the social environment and consumer needs.


Elucidate the mechanisms that connect the body, mind, skin, and external environment, etc. and draw out the natural, healthy beauty of our users based on holistic thinking.

Functionality/Japan Quality

High-level balance of undeniable functionality beyond expectations and close attention to safety, security, and other quality aspects that only Japan can provide.


Uncover latent subjective sensitivities and feelings through objective science, and offer unprecedented feelings and experiences of beauty and comfort. 


Step up to the challenge of creating sustainable value unique to Shiseido, which balances the satisfaction stemming from the results, high-quality design, and feel of our products with respect for and coexistence between people, society, and the global environment.


Create unique value that meets the needs of consumers with diverse values by leveraging the vast amount of consumer information we have accumulated over the years around the world and offering the best personalized solutions.

And more...

we will continue to evolve ourselves, creating a sixth and seventh approach in the future.

Examples of newly emerging approach


Propose a new relationship between people and the earth, in which skin, body, and mind are in beautiful harmony with the environment, by elucidating the effects of external stimuli and properly understanding them.


Shiseido Innovation Conference 2023

Shiseido Innovation Conference 2023

Shiseido held the “Shiseido Innovation Conference 2023 - Beauty for the Future -” on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK) to present the latest research results.