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Medium-to-Long-Term Strategy

In 2023, Shiseido formulated “SHIFT 2025 and Beyond,” a medium-term strategy focusing on a three-year period through 2025. Under this strategy, we are strengthening investments to drive medium to long-term growth in the three key focus areas: Brand, Innovation, and People. However, in this highly volatile external environment of today, we are facing increasing pressure to strengthen our medium-term strategy which has recently been updated as a result. In light of changing market conditions, we have redefined our goals for core operating profit, targeting to achieve 6% in 2024 and 9% in 2025, through implementation of structural reforms while staying committed to our strategy. As our vision towards 2030, we will focus on achieving profitability sufficient to be recognized as a global company while devoting company-wide efforts to achieve 15% core operating profit target by 2028 or 2029.
In addition, we are aiming to achieve the following financial targets by executing our strategic plans focusing on cost of capital for improved capital efficiency.

Medium-Term Strategy SHIFT 2025 and Beyond

Financial Targets

Medium-to-Long-Term Strategy 2015-2020

Three-Year Plan (2018-2020)
March 5, 2018

Three-Year Plan (Fiscal 2015-Fiscal 2017)
April 27, 2015

Medium-to-Long Term Strategy "VISION 2020" (Fiscal 2015-Fiscal 2020)
December 17, 2014