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Safety Assurance

Safety Assurance

Safety remains our top priority

Always giving primary importance to the consumers’ well-being, Shiseido deems the safety of its products as its top priority so that consumers can use its products without anxiety. We ensure the safety of our products by complying with our own stringent safety standards as well as with existing laws and regulations. Shiseido’s products are manufactured by using the ingredients that have been clearly demonstrated as “safe” in relation to the amount of use and the part of the body to which they are applied. Therefore, we never use any ingredient that fails to pass the safety assessments conducted under the Shiseido Safety Assurance System.

Shiseido Safety Assurance System

The safety of new cosmetic ingredients is verified in accordance with our own stringent criteria without animal testing.

Careful Selection of Ingredients

After carefully selecting the best ingredients, we also rigorously test each ingredient including impurities before incorporating it into our final product to ensure that the final product is completely safe for use.

Initiatives for Safety Technology Improvement

Shiseido contributes to the development, research, dissemination, and industry standardization of high-reliability technologies by actively participating in industry activities both in Japan and globally and incorporating evolving safety information on a daily basis.