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Information Security Management

Policy Related to Information Security

Shiseido establishes the “Information Security Policy” for all people working in the Shiseido Group to protect and maintain various essential information assets owned by business sites of the Group by setting robust information security. Under the group-wide basic policy, we strive to manage and operate various information assets. Employees receive continuous education on information security, such as annual training through e-learning.

Policy Related to the Protection of Personal Information

Shiseido deeply recognizes the importance of personal information acquired through business and other relevant activities and considers it a social responsibility to thoroughly protect such information. Therefore, we have established the “Shiseido Group Privacy Rules” to which all employees of the Shiseido Group should adhere. All companies in the Shiseido Group endeavor to ensure the protection of personal information.
Details of Shiseido’s policy on the protection of personal information are available in its Privacy Policy.

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