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Our Environmental Approach

Toward a Rich Global Environment Where People Can Truly Enjoy Beauty

‘Shiseido’ comes from a phrase in the Chinese classical text, I Ching: ‘Praise the virtues of the Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values.’ Respect for the planet, society, and people has been embedded in our culture since our foundation in 1872. In everything we do —from development and procurement to production, use, and disposal—we work to preserve the global environment that we all depend on. That is how we create sustainable value.

In 1992, Shiseido established the “Shiseido Eco Policy”, a management policy on the environment and has been working to preserve the global environment. Today, this aspiration is carried on in the “Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics” under THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY. Please refer to the “Aiming for a Sustainable World” section of the “With Society and the Earth” chapter of the “Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics”.

“Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics”*Excerpts

With Society and the Earth

Aiming for a sustainable world

We promote environmental initiatives in line with our own stringent standards. We consider biodiversity as we aim for a sustainable world in which humankind and the Earth coexist harmoniously.

1.We strive to reduce our environmental impact through efforts such as reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂), which makes up the majority of greenhouse gases (GHG), utilizing water resources effectively, and reducing waste in the production of our products.

2.We strive to minimize waste in our business processes and when our products are used by consumers, with emphasis on Shiseido's 5Rs: Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace.

3.We work to develop and innovate new products and services that promote the beauty and well-being of consumers and are also eco-friendly.

4.We proactively develop new technologies and engage in technical collaboration with the aim of lessening the environmental impact of our business activities.

Based on the “Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics”, we will not only comply with environmental laws and regulations, but also commit to set targets and strategic actions to reduce environmental impacts, and promote continuous improvement of our environmental management and performance. To ensure our commitment and oversight the implementation in these areas, decision-making on sustainability strategies and policies , and specific action plans such as TCFD disclosure, as well as monitoring the progress of medium-to-long-term targets will be carried out at the Sustainability Committee. The Committee is headed by the Representative Director, President and CEO and composed of executive officers from the Global Headquarters’ key concerned functions in sustainability. Board of Directors will be consulted when a decision is needed on particularly important matters. In order to raise awareness on sustainability, we will also conduct training for employees and promote communications with internal and external stakeholders. We will promote sustainability under the “Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics” for the entire life cycle (research and development, procurement, production, distribution and logistics, use, recycle and disposal) together with our business partners including suppliers, outsourcing partners, and etc.. This will include business expansion through mergers and acquisitions and new entry projects for subject business activities.

Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics[PDF:61.1MB]

Our Thoughts Regarding "Biodiversity”

Our company name ‘Shiseido’ implies a meaning “Praise the virtues of the Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values ”. We recognize that natural resources, which are the source of Shiseido’s value creation, are limited. Aiming for biodiversity conservation and no deforestation in the countries of origin, we are committed to switch to 100% sustainable paper by 2023 and 100% sustainable palm oil by 2026, and will promote sustainable procurement of our own operations, and also of our tier-1 and non-tier-1 suppliers.

Moreover, we will work with external partners to mitigate negative impacts, conserve, and restore biodiversity when operating in areas in close proximity to critical biodiversity.

Our Thoughts Regarding "Freshwater Resources”

Water supports various aspect of our products, including the development of water-containing products such as lotions; the growth of plants as raw materials; temperature control; equipment cleaning; consumption; and waste disposal.
In light of the unique characteristics of water resources, such as its circularity and uneven distribution, we want to respect and promote a healthy water cycle, culture, and the human right to water and sanitation. We aim for a sustainable consumption for not only regulatory compliance but to also be in alignment with initiatives such as SDGs.
We aim to reduce water consumption by 40%*1 by 2026 (versus 2014). In addition to promoting technological innovations, we promote water saving and recycling activities — especially in areas with high water stress and areas where rainfall is expected to decrease due to climate change. Furthermore, in collaboration with local stakeholders, we promote “water stewardship”*2 as a common property. To make effective use of water resources we focus on circular usage, where water used is purified and reused or recycled.

  • *1:intensity per sales
  • *2:Using water in a way that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial

Promoting Environmental Management

The Shiseido Group's production sites introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system for the first time in 1997. Our eleven production sites worldwide have obtained ISO 14001 certification. We are reducing our environmental impact and improving our management system by placing an Environmental Management Representative in each production site responsible for environmental initiatives including, setting policies and targets, promoting activities, confirming compliance with regulations, properly managing chemical substances, educating employees, and conducting the PDCA cycle. The progress of these activities is validated through third-party audits.

Status of ISO14001 Certification

Production sites Date of certification
Shiseido Company, Limited

Shiseido Kuki Factory

Certificate of Registration[PDF:70.4KB]

October 27, 1997

Shiseido Kakegawa Factory

Certificate of Registration[PDF:81.8KB]

October 5, 1998

Shiseido Osaka Factory

Certificate of Registration[PDF:70.5KB]

March 24, 1999

Shiseido Nasu Factory

Certificate of Registration[PDF:74.3KB]

June 13, 2022
Taiwan Shiseido Co., Ltd. Hsinchu Factory Certificate of Registration[PDF:110KB] August 31, 1999
Shiseido America, Inc.

East Windsor Factory

Certificate of Registration[PDF:274KB]

March 31, 2000
Shiseido International France S.A.S.

Unité de Gien

Unité du Val de Loire

Certificate of Registration[PDF:387KB]

August 8, 2000
February 8, 2002
Shiseido Liyuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Certificate of Registration[PDF:0.98MB] August 17, 2000
Shiseido Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Certificate of Registration[PDF:674KB] November 9, 2004
Shiseido Vietnam Inc. Certificate of Registration[PDF:86KB] December 15, 2011

Cooperating Companies

Production sites Date of certification
Shiseido Honeycake Industries Co., Ltd.* Certificate of Registration[PDF:227KB] September 29, 1999
  • * Although Shiseido Honeycake Industries Co., Ltd. is not a consolidated subsidiary it obtained certification in 1999 in line with Shiseido policies.