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Clean Environment

Striving for the ideal of a global environment that supports lives of vibrancy.

Clean Environment

1. Reducing our environmental footprint.

As a corporate citizen, Shiseido aims to reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to the well-being of our planet by promoting both sustainable resource use and minimal material procurement on a global scale.
In support of these ambitions, we are pursuing activities globally to minimize our environmental impact. These include a reduction in CO₂ emissions—a factor in climate change—clean-sourced water use, endeavors to decrease waste while increasing recycling, and the ethical procurement of resources such as certified palm oil and paper products.


  • CO₂ emission: Carbon neutral by 2026

  • Palm oil: 100% sustainable palm oil usage by 2026

  • Paper: 100% sustainable paper (e.g. certified paper, recycled paper)*1 by 2023

  • Water: Water consumption △40% (vs. 2014)*2 by 2026

  • Waste: Zero landfill use*3 by 2022

  • *1 only for products
  • *2 At all business sites of Shiseido, per unit of sales
  • *3 only at Shiseido factories

2. Developing sustainable products (packaging and formula).

Utilizing the results of over 100 years of extensive dermatological research and formulation technologies, Shiseido has been developing formulas that meet high standards of safety and quality.
Today, we continue to evolve our cutting-edge technologies through a sustainable approach* that respects people, society, and our environment.
We have been developing sustainable packaging since 1926, the year we introduced to the market the first refillable product inspired by the philosophy of “万物資生”, the origin of our name. The types of packaging that followed include biomass containers, recycled PETs, and low-temperature burning materials.
Our target is to achieve 100% sustainable packaging with our 5Rs: “Reduce” (e.g., thinner and lighter packaging), “Reuse” (e.g., refilling), “Recycle” (e.g., packaging that is easy to dismantle and separate), and “Replace” (e.g., development of biodegradable packaging), supplemented with “Respect” to manifest our respect for the earth.

  • *Based on ethical processes, non-adverse physical effects and low environmental impact.

3. Promoting sustainable and responsible procurement.

Our aim is to grow with society — to progress and thrive together by promoting respect for human rights and advocating for environmental protection across all our business activities, including the procurement of raw materials.
In our endeavor toward an ethical supply chain, we have issued the Shiseido Group Supplier Code of Conduct and undertaken a regular program of supplier assessment and monitoring. In addition, the Shiseido Group Sustainable Raw Materials Procurement Guidelines provide a robust framework to ensure the procurement of sustainable raw materials around the world (e.g., palm oil and paper).
We strive to share and resolve issues with all stakeholders, including international human rights specialists and partners working in raw material producing regions.