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Social Contribution Activities

The Shiseido Group established Environment, Society and Culture as the core areas of its corporate sustainability initiatives in 2019. We aim to achieve sustainable development together with society and the earth, and we will contribute to society through activities related to our core areas of sustainability and solutions that address local issues through our corporate strengths.

Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities

The Shiseido Group aims to achieve sustainable development together with society and the earth. In accordance with the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our efforts to resolve social issues and leveraging our business practices, as well as through activities that address issues of each local community, to gain support from various stakeholders across the world for years to come.

Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics ”With Society and the Earth”

We engage in a broad dialogue with society and strive to cooperate in solving social challenges.
(1)We strive to meet the expectations of global society through various activities, such as using the power of cosmetics to lift people’s spirits and improve their quality of life, furthering the advancement of women, promoting the arts and culture, and conducting environmental activities.
(2)We work to deepen our interaction with communities where our affiliates are located and contribute to their development, thereby fulfilling our responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Core Areas of Social Contribution Activities

We established six core areas in accordance with the Shiseido Group Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics and our corporate materiality issues. In addition to the three areas (key issues) of Environment, Society (cosmetics, beauty, and support for women), and Culture, we are also engaged in Community and Disaster Support, Academic Support, and Activities for Children, in response to the needs of local community.


Here is an outline of the six core areas of our social contribution activities. Please follow the link below for details.


We manufacture our products from many plant-derived raw materials by making use of the bounty of the Earth, and we strive to raise employee awareness through environmental greening and environmental education.

Cleaning Activities at the Shiseido Osaka Factory
The Shiseido Osaka Factory continues its monthly activity of cleaning the riverbed of the Kanzaki River, which flows next to the factory.

2019 results
Total number of activities: 9
Total number of participating employees: 280
Amount of waste collected: 59 kg

2.Society (Cosmetics, beauty, and support for women)

Making the most of our beauty technology and know-how to support job opportunities for women, we aim to raise awareness of the cosmetics business and realize a better society for everyone.

Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant


Making the most of our high-quality artisanship skills and know-how accumulated over more than 100 years, we support contemporary art and experimental expression activities.

“art egg” artist support

4.Community, Disaster and Various Support

Insight into society and self-growth through relationships with society will lead to the growth of our employees and eventually, the growth of our company.

5.Academic Support

We actively provide support (research support) for cutting-edge studies which will lead to the development of next-generation science engineers and improvement of our corporate research competency.

・Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant to support leading female scientists

・JSID's Fellowship Shiseido Research Grant to support advanced dermatological research and development initiatives

・Japanese Dermatological Association Basic Medical Science Research Fund (Donation by Shiseido) supporting basic medical research in dermatology

6.Activities for Children

We carry out activities to give opportunities to children so that they can gain the right knowledge through various experiences.

・Participation of 3 Shiseido factories in Japan in the Youngsters' Science Festival National Convention.
On July 27 and 28, 2019, our three domestic factories (Kuki Factory, Kakegawa Factory, and Osaka Factory) jointly exhibited the “Create Your Own Lip Color” experience booth at the Youngsters' Science Festival National Convention held at the Science Museum. The purpose of the exhibition is to give children an opportunity to experience the fun of science and technology through hands-on experiments and crafting.

2019 results
Number of participating employees: 12
Number of booth visitors: Approx. 200

Shiseido Social Welfare Foundation[ PDF : 1,22MB ]