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Social Contribution Activities

Shiseido will contribute to society through activities related to our core areas of sustainability and solutions leveraging our corporate strengths to address local issues. We aim to achieve sustainable development together with society and the earth.

Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities

In accordance with the “Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics”, Shiseido will contribute to the realization of a sustainable world through our efforts to resolve social and environmental issues to which we can leverage our business, as well as through engaging in activities that respond to the challenges of each local community, to gain support from various stakeholders around the world for years to come.

“Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics”*Excerpts

With Society and the Earth

Contribution to society

We engage in a broad dialogue with society and strive to cooperate in solving social challenges.

1. We strive to meet the expectations of global society through various activities, such as using the power of beauty to lift people's spirits and improve their quality of life, promoting gender equality in the workplace and in society, promoting the arts and culture, and implementing environmental initiatives.

2. We aim to deepen our interaction with communities where our affiliates are located and contribute to their development, thereby fulfilling our responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Core Areas of Social Contribution Activities

In line with the Shiseido Code of Conduct and Ethics and corporate materiality, Shiseido has defined core areas of social contribution activities in “society” and the “environment”. In particular, in the area of “society”, Shiseido promotes initiatives on “empowerment through the power of beauty to improve the quality of life (QOL) of people” and “advancement of diversity, including gender equality”, with employee participation and leveraging Shiseido's human resources and technologies. In addition, as part of our efforts to support local communities and disaster relief, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by working with employees to respond to issues faced locally, particularly in areas where our business sites are located.

System and Governance

Initiatives for Social Contribution Activities

In 2021, due to the continued impact of COVID-19, we strengthened our online social contribution activities in addition to cosmetics donations and monetary donations. Employees around the world participated in various activities tailored to the needs of their local communities across the fields of “society” and the “environment”.
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2. Environment

Shiseido produces products from natural resources including many plant-derived ingredients. As part of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact and to promote the sustainable use of resources, we are making efforts to raise employee awareness through environmental greening, ocean protection, and environmental education at our brands, countries, and regions.

3. Community, Disaster and Various Support

We believe the growth of employees, in turn, will lead to the growth of the company, as employees enhance themselves through their involvement with society. Shiseido will deepen interactions with local communities and work to solve local issues.