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Basic Policy Regarding Personnel Affairs

In our quest to become the most trusted beauty company in the world and remain vital for the next 100 years and beyond, The Shiseido Philosophy (comprising OUR MISSION, OUR DNA, and OUR PRINCIPLES) is our guiding light.
To create value globally, a company needs to develop its people as the most important management resource. Believing this, and based on our policy of PEOPLE FIRST, we will promote personnel development vigorously, to “increase individual competencies” and “fulfill individual potential” to increase organizational competencies, thereby “enhancing corporate strength.”

We should have effective leadership development programs to increase individual competences and appropriate performance management systems to fulfill individual potential. For this purpose, the global personnel department is leading a task force to develop a range of talent management and development programs and evaluation systems in line with THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY.

We will introduce to our global operations the personnel affairs regulations established and revised so as to increase individual and organizational competencies and activities aimed at enhanced engagement and inclusive corporate culture. In doing this, we will respect specific needs of each regional headquarters, answering the call to “Think Global, Act Local.”