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Human Rights Promotion System

The human rights issues included are those related to child labor, forced labor, discrimination, harassment, wages, working hours, occupational safety and health, etc. The scope of the target also extends to all business activities and is not limited to our company but also applies to our business partners. In our everyday duties, relevant functions in the Global Headquarters (Human Resources, Risk Management, Sustainability, Procurement) work together with various departments and domestic and overseas group companies to further the promotion of human rights.

The Shiseido Group

Supply Chain

The Global Headquarters (Procurement, Risk Management, Sustainability) work on human rights issues among suppliers. As one of the systems to gather information on human rights risks and promptly address them (a mechanism to deal with complaints), we have established the Business Partner Hotline where suppliers can report and consult on human rights issues with our company.

The Shiseido Group in Japan