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For Your Safety

For the reassurance of our consumers

Shiseido has been developing products to bring satisfaction and reassurance to our consumers based on technologies accumulated since its foundation in 1872. All Shiseido employees are committed to reassuring our consumers by placing the highest priority on quality and safety.

For the reassurance of our customers

Consumer feedback and product planning

We listen to the consumer feedback to create products that resonate with the sensibilities of consumers. We also utilize such opinions in the development of new products and in product improvement, and communicate information on products to provide a higher level of satisfaction.

We carefully analyze each of the valuable opinions we receive from consumers.

We make every effort in pursuing the true desires of consumers.

We communicate information to consumers in a careful manner.

Research and development

From the selection of ingredients to the examination of trial manufacturing and product testing, we carry out many diversified approaches to create products with a high level of quality as well as safety, and that are easy to use.

All ingredients are thoroughly checked for safety.

We continue our exploration for high quality until we are satisfied with the results.

We conduct research for appealing designs that protect products and can be used with reliability.


We use the manufacturing technology that has been cultivated since the foundation of the company and make all necessary efforts to continue reliable manufacturing.
Our technology is communicated between factories in various locations around the world in the pursuit of products of the highest quality.

Manufacturing technology has been passed down from employee to employee from the time of our foundation.

Careful and reliable testing is performed in a manner suitable for each product.

All foreign matter is removed, from visible matter to fine dust particles invisible to the eye.