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Sustainability Data

Data detailing Shiseido's activity towards sustainability is available.

  • CO₂ / Scope 1,2 Scope 3 Scope 1,2 and 3
  • Avoided CO₂ emissions
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Environmental pollution (Air/Water)
  • Responding to Environmental Risks
  • CO₂ emissions from cosmetics and personal care products (environmental footprint)

Human Resources

  • Number of Shiseido Group Employees
  • Number of Employees by Region / Number of Employees by Type of Employment Number of Leaders
  • Ratio of Female Leaders / Diversity in Top Management Ratio of Employees with Disabilities
  • Employee Diversity / Ratio of employees by age group Average Service Years of Employees
  • Job Turnover Rate / Total employee turnover rate Voluntary employee turnover rate Working Hours Rate of Paid Leave Taken Number of Employees Hired Breakdown of new hires Starting Pay Average Annual Salary Equal Remuneration Employees Rehired after Retirement
  • Childcare Leave and Family Care Leave / Number of Employees who Used Childcare Leave System Number of Employees who Used Childcare Time System Reinstatement Rate after Childcare Leave Retention Rate after Childcare Leave Number of Employees who Used Family Care Leave System Number of Employees who Used Family Care Time System Kangaroo Staff
  • Labor accidents / Number of Work-Related Accidents Accident Severity Rate LTIFR
  • Labor Union / Percentage of Corporations with Labor Union Number of Labor Union Members Ratio of Labor Union Members Employee Satisfaction Talent Development

Customer Satisfaction

  • Favorability Rating

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Anti-Competitive Behavior / Operating Performance of Reporting and Consultation Desks for Employees Performance of Human Rights Education Training for Employees
  • Activities to Enhance Corporate Ethics: Survey on employee harassment
  • Number of Serious Compliance Violations
  • Donations to Political Parties
  • Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations in the Social and Economic Area Incidents of Reporting Personal Information Disclosure to Personal Information Protection Commission Violations or Complaints regarding Customer Privacy Protection received from Regulatory Authorities, Public Institutions, Consumer Rights Groups, etc. Non- Compliance with Laws and Regulations in Social and Economic Areas

Social Contribution Activity Highlights

  • Number of Social Contribution Activities
  • Number of Participating Employees
  • Spending on Social Contribution Activities
  • Overall Spending on Social Contribution Activities of Shiseido Group in 2021
  • Social Contribution Activities - Empowerment by the Power of Beauty
  • Social Contribution Activities - Gender Equality
  • Academic Support
  • Support for Patients with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) (UV-sensitive intractable disease)
  • Activities for Children
  • Social Contribution Activities - Education for Socially Vulnerable People
  • Social Contribution Activities – Art and Heritage
  • Community and Disaster Support