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Shiseido Global Privacy Principles

Our Commitment to “Privacy Protection”

We believe that our responsibility and mission are to strive to create a better world through beauty innovations.

Face-to-face conversations with each consumer, communication with our business partners, information disclosure to shareholders and investors, and employee-led initiatives. With the support obtained from many people through these activities, we bring our innovations to life. For this purpose, we protect and secure the personal information obtained from our consumers, key accounts, business partners, employees, shareholders, and investors.

We have established our Privacy Principles with the aim to handle personal information in a safe and secure manner. These Privacy Principles apply to all companies of the Shiseido Group.

Privacy Policies and Terms of Use established pursuant to individual laws and regulations also apply to all Shiseido Group companies and services, respectively. For further information about the handling of personal information, please see each Shiseido Group company or service’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Legal Compliance

We comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country and region regarding the handling of personal information.

The Core Principle for the Handling of Personal Information

We use your personal information only within the scope of intended use and will always endeavor to explain our usage purpose.

The Core Principle for the Acquisition and Sharing of Personal Information

We strive to provide you with information on how we acquire and share your personal information in a specific, easy-to-understand manner, to the best of our ability.

The Safe Management of Personal Information

We establish strict rules for protecting and securing personal information and ensure that the safe management of personal information is implemented.

The Rights Granted to You in Relation to the Handling of Personal Information

We respect your opinion and try to accommodate your needs and requests.


Should you have any queries about the handling of personal information, please feel free to contact the service desk of each Group company or of each service.

These Privacy Principles are subject to change. You are advised to check the “last updated date.”

Last updated date: March 1, 2022.

  • *In the event of discrepancy between the English version and the Japanese version of this principles, the English-language version shall prevail.

Privacy Policy of Countries and Regions

For more detailed information, please see the privacy policy of each entity and service.