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Quality Principle

Our Promise

Quality Exceeding Expectations

At Shiseido, we pursue uncompromising quality that goes
beyond convention. Our “basic” quality ensures trust,
while our “attractive” quality inspires hope and happiness.
To meet — and exceed — every beauty need.

Our Actions

  • Putting Consumers First

    To deliver true satisfaction to consumers around the world,
    we embrace their diverse needs and preferences and
    strive for ever higher quality in a concerted effort
    by everyone in the Shiseido Group.

  • Prioritizing Safety

    Our highest priority is safety based on every conceivable consideration,
    fact, and type of data to ensure safe and continued use.

  • Enforcing Compliance and Addressing Social Issues

    We abide not only by laws and regulations
    but also by our stringent internal standards.
    In addition, we proactively promote initiatives toward a sustainable world.

  • Ensuring the Utmost Quality in All We Do

    We never forget that consumers primarily perceive quality
    based on their experience with our product.
    Therefore, we implement thorough management
    that prevents quality defects throughout the entire process.

  • Exploring the Potential of Beauty

    Through the fusion of art and science,
    we expand the potential of beauty in a continuous quest
    to create innovations for the well-being of consumers.