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Customer Satisfaction and Product Safety

Customer Satisfaction and Product Safety

Shiseido is working to manufacture safe, reliable products and disseminate information with the aim of being consumer-oriented.

Promotion of Safe and Reliable Manufacturing

Shiseido's research and production activities to ensure consumers use our products with peace of mind

Excellent Services to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction

Shiseido’s counseling services to meet consumer needs and expectations by suggesting best products and beauty tips at the counters

Reflecting Consumer Feedback

We are strengthening our efforts to make the most of consumer feedback for product development and service improvement.

History of Shiseido’s Consumer Support

Introducing the history of Shiseido's consumer support, which has been promoting consumer-oriented management since its establishment.

Universal Design and Ethical Advertising/Marketing

We are working on developing products that can be used safely and comfortably by all consumers.

Information for Consumers

We ensure that the information and websites we offer reflect consumers' feelings and meet their needs.

Initiatives in Response to Animal Testing and Alternative Methods

Shiseido's initiatives aimed at eliminating animal testing in the development of cosmetic products