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Pursuit of product design

Pursuit of comfort in use

In pursuit of optimal sensation and efficacy, Shiseido considers a nearly infinite number of combinations of materials, checks them by trial manufacture, and inspects their quality over and over again. Then, we create the most appropriate contents for each product.
Since compatibility between contents and containers is also very important, quality tests are performed when contents are put into a container. For example, when the same contents are put into a plastic bottle and into a pouch refill, we separately perform quality tests on both. In each test, we anticipate the circumstances of use, which vary depending on products, and conduct various thorough quality tests.

Major quality tests

(1) Wiper test for lipsticks
The wiper test helps to ensure that the lipstick can be used to the very end.

(2) Shaking test
Excessive shaking is applied to check changes in contents during transportation and on other occasions.

(3) Rolling test
We roll cosmetics contained in bottles for a certain period to check the stability of contents.

(4) Tube compression test
We repeatedly compress tubed products to check changes in contents.

(5) Sunlight stability test
We make sure that products are not negatively affected by light.