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Thorough safety checks for all ingredients

The manufacture of cosmetics at Shiseido starts from the careful selection of raw materials.
This is because cosmetics are applied on the skin every day.
We evaluate the safety of all ingredients and only use ingredients for which we have confirmed the safety.

Testing safety on the skin

These are some of the safety tests typically conducted at Shiseido:

  • 1.Irritability on the skin is predicted using “artificial skin,” which is made from skin cells and collagen.
  • 2.Patch testing, which tests for redness and swelling of the skin in an area with a test product attached, is performed to confirm that the product does not cause irritation to the skin.
  • 3. Stinging testing is performed to confirm there is no irritating sensation on the skin, such as an itching or burning sensation, following the application of the test product.

Safety Assurance Without Animal Testing

We make efforts in developing alternative methods to animal testing and use ingredients with a higher level of safety in our products.

Selection of ingredients and manufacture of products above the level of legal compliance

We collect regulatory information on ingredients from authorities in charge of cosmetics in countries around the world, and carefully select ingredients that can be used for each country.
In addition to compliance with laws regarding the protection of nature and the environment, we promote the manufacture of products with consideration for social issues. Ingredient suppliers are evaluated and selected by our unique standards, and company employees visit the production sites of especially important ingredients to check the quality assurance system.


  • Authorities in charge of cosmetics: Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in Japan, European Commission, U.S. FDA, China Food and Drug Administration
  • Laws regarding the protection of nature and the environment: Washington Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity

Selection of ingredients and manufacture of products above the level of legal compliance