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Enriched Culture

Creating new value to enrich culture by transforming beauty.

Enriched Culture

1. Inheriting our corporate heritage and culture, and refining them for the future.

Since our founding 150 years ago, we have uninterruptedly been creating new value through innovative, first-to-market products, aesthetic sensibilities and design, and the careful stewardship of our corporate culture from generation to generation. The Shiseido Corporate Museum is a cultural destination that showcases a comprehensive collection of corporate materials and design masterpieces created by Shiseido’s designers, giving visitors and researchers valuable insights and a unique perspective on Japanese beauty expressions and cosmetic culture.
Internally, we are continuing to ensure our corporate philosophy and DNA are adopted and consistently expressed by our increasingly diverse and global workforce. Through this, we hope to create ongoing value by accelerating our mission of beauty innovation in the marketplace, while also continuing to secure the trust and commitment of the Shiseido Group workforce.

Shiseido Corporate Museum

2.Inspiring a new sense of beauty to create new value, originating in Japan.

Shiseido has long contributed to cultural richness in Japan by studying, creating, and offering new perspectives and expressions of beauty. The Shiseido Gallery, active since 1919, and the Shiseido Art House regularly display the works of both established and up-and-coming artists. In pursuit of new value and a contemporary aesthetic sense, we also offer ongoing collaborations with a variety of artists. Such initiatives include shiseido art egg, a program to attract promising new talent, and Hanatsubaki, a publication examining beauty, art, culture, and lifestyle through the lens of Shiseido.
Through these activities, we express our committment to communicating our sense of beauty to the world from our unique Japanese perspective.

Shiseido Gallery
Shiseido Art House
S/PARK Museum

Japanese Beauty Institute (JBI)