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Process of Evolution

Process of Corporate Governance Evolution

The Shiseido Group including the Company has established BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD as OUR MISSION in its Corporate Philosophy THE SHISEIDO PHILOSOPHY, and defines the corporate governance as our “platform to realize sustainable growth through fulfilling OUR MISSION”.
We began full-fledged initiatives toward strengthening corporate governance in 2001. Our continuous reforms to date can be divided into three stages.

Moving to the Third Stage of Corporate Governance

Moving to the Third Stage of Corporate Governance

The first stage initiated a corporate governance reform. Initiatives to separate the functions of management supervision and execution included the introduction of the corporate officer system. At the second stage, we implemented various initiatives to create the framework of our corporate governance such as the establishment of the Nomination & Remuneration Advisory Committee (formerly, “the Nomination Advisory Committee”) and the appointment of external directors. In this way, we have set out objective quantitative and pro forma standards. We enhanced the quality of corporate governance by rigorously employing this framework and actively disclosing the outcomes. We have now entered the third stage, in which we are targeting corporate governance that furthers sustainable growth. We aim to achieve “tense collaboration” by balancing management oversight and supervision with the broad authority vested in the President and CEO, which he or she needs in order to exercise ultimate leadership in Shiseido’s global management.
This tense collaboration does not excessively limit or decrease the CEO’s authority, but rather, given the broad authority vested in the CEO, establishes a process of regular evaluation of the CEO and management execution by the Board of Directors and other supervisory organs, to whom the CEO is fully accountable. This process also involves regular CEO evaluations by the Nomination & Remuneration Advisory Committee.