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Efforts to support those with visual disorders

Providing Audio Information for the Visually Challenged

"Listeners’ Café" provides a speech-based introduction to the basic use of cosmetics and other information to visually challenged individuals in an easy-to-understand manner. It also publishes an audio content "Osharena Hitotoki (Stylish Moments)" four times a year in each season. Both "Listeners’ Café" and "Osharena Hitotoki" are provided only in Japanese.

Listeners’ Café

"Guide Make" seminar for persons with visual impairments

Since 1984, Shiseido has been providing various services, such as the creation of Braille stickers and the operation of the "Shiseido Listeners Cafe" site, which introduces seasonal beauty information in voice and text, as an initiative for the visually impaired.
From 2019, "Guide Make" offers makeup methods that can be practiced by persons with visual impairments as a menu for grooming courses at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar.
The beauty therapists at Shiseido provide easy-to-follow verbal guidance using inobtrusive, natural finger techniques for everything from skincare to point makeup such as lipstick.
In the seminar, rather than learning techniques exactly, we prioritize the enjoyment of every participant who can smile while grasping makeup tips and gaining confidence.

Guide Make seminar
Guide Make seminar

Click here for details on Guide Make and to apply. (Japanese language)

What Skincare and Makeup Can Do for Healthier Days of Various Generations

Taking advantage of its strength, Shiseido will continuously contribute to society and people’s health to realize a sustainable society.