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Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar

Introduction to our seminars

In 1949, Shiseido started providing lectures on grooming and makeup to expecting high school graduates to help them learn essential skills as working members of society.
Over 60 years later, we continue to provide seminars throughout Japan with the hope that all may live beautifully, designed for people with various backgrounds and for various purposes to help maintain and improve their quality of life (QOL). These activities are now collectively called the “Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Seminar.”

In July 2013, Shiseido started offering sustainable seminars that aim to address social issues through the power of beauty. As a social contribution activities, we hold lectures on grooming and appearance at facilities for disabled people and schools and appearance care seminars for cancer patients at medical facilities. These seminars are provided by dedicated beauty therapists stationed mainly at Shiseido’s offices throughout Japan.

Now we are mainly holding the following seminars throughout Japan.

Seminar participants Name of seminar Venue

・Healthy persons and those in nursing care

・Those in direct contact with elderly persons (healthcare/nursing care staff, volunteer staff, general attendees, etc.)

・IkiIki Beauty Seminar*1

・Lecture on cosmetic therapy*2

・Medical facilities, nursing facilities, local government offices, etc.

・Organized by our company

・Persons with disabilities

・Social contribution-oriented lecture on grooming and appearance

・Welfare facilities for the disabled, schools for students with special education assistance needs, etc.

・Cancer survivors, healthcare professionals

・Appearance care seminar for cancer patients

・Medical facilities, patient groups

  • *1 A makeup session in a group provided by visiting specialist staff of Shiseido
  • *2 A lecture on skills for cosmetic therapy, which aims to maintain and improve mind and body functions through makeup application

Specific efforts (activities in FY 2019)

Efforts to support elderly people

Our “IkiIki Beauty Seminar” is held upon request from medical facilities, nursing facilities and various organizations around Japan, and in 2019, a total of more than 25,000 elderly people participated.

Each seminar was organized in response to requests from Silver Human Resources Centers in 28 regions in Japan for women who register with the centers. In the seminar, Shiseido beauty therapists gave makeup tips not only on how to look beautiful, they taught exercises for the mouth and arms in order to maintain health physically and mentally. At some venues, the seminar was so popular that the seat capacity was reached within 30 minutes of opening registration. All venues were filled with smiles.

Lectures on cosmetic therapy were also held as a training program for healthcare professionals, nursing care providers and general attendees to learn about cosmetic therapy. In 2019, a total of approximately 1,200 people participated.
Dental clinics in Hokkaido offered beauty seminars which were provided by dental hygienists and dental staff who are qualified Shiseido cosmetic therapists*. They visited local municipal hospitals to fun, practical lectures on dental care for inpatients through cosmetic therapy.

  • *Unique Shiseido qualification
Beauty seminar provided by dental hygienists

Beauty seminar provided by dental hygienists

It has recently been said that we are entering the era of the 100-year lifespan. Going forward, we will continue to support healthy longevity through makeup and beauty services.

Efforts to support those with visual disorders

In 2019, we developed “Guide Make,” a makeup method for people with visual impairments with the cooperation of organizations for the visually impaired. We are planning to provide Guide Make seminars throughout Japan.

Shiseido “Guide Make” Thoughts:
1) Assisting totally and partially blind people in applying makeup
2) Assisting aging people in taking care of their skin
3) Assisting those who want to go out and meet somebody, through makeup

Guide Make seminar

<Comments from Guide Make seminar participants>
It was a very useful seminar. I was able to understand what was wrong with my makeup and also able to learn tips for makeup.
I like the naming “Guide Make.” The lecturer explained the meaning of the name and I was impressed by the thoughts I want to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. (woman, 40s, from Osaka)

The lecturer recommended me a lipstick in red, which I would never choose. I am glad that I was encouraged to use a new color. (woman, 50s, from Osaka)

It was the first time in 25 years that I applied full makeup. I found it very easy and would like to do it by myself. (woman, 50s, from Gifu)

Guide Make Seminar

Guide Make Seminar

Going forward, we will continue to help and empower those with disabilities in applying makeup and grooming through these services.

Efforts to support cancer survivors

Upon request from medical facilities and patient groups, we provide appearance care seminars for cancer patients throughout Japan, in which approximately 1,500 patients have participated.

<Comments from appearance care seminar participants>
When I go to hospital for treatment, I wear a mask without any makeup on. I feel pumped up when I applied makeup at the seminar. Makeup makes me feel happy and I now can think about the future positively. (woman, 50s, breast cancer)

It was a very enjoyable experience. I want to make it as a fun habit learned from illness. My goal is, “I got sick and became beautiful”. (woman, 30s, breast cancer)

On October 19, “Relay for Life,” an event to support cancer survivors, was held at Ueno Park in Tokyo. Shiseido employees participated in the event as part of their CSR activities.
Forming a team named “Touch the Healing Shiseido,” employees provided free “touch care” and “hand care” to approximately 120 visitors. Many recipients ranging from cancer survivors to overseas tourists made positive comments, including “I’m feeling warmed up and relaxed. Thank you,” and “My hands became warmer and felt nice!”

Relay for Life

Relay for Life

There are an increasing number of cancer patients who receive treatment while working, thanks to advanced medical technologies. We support cancer patients with the power of beauty to help them live an active life and keep smiling throughout their treatment.