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Employee’s Social Contribution Activities

Shiseido aims to realize a sustainable world where everyone can experience happiness through the power of beauty. We believe it is important for each employee to think about social and environmental issues and consider ways in which we can address them. Based on our sustainability strategies, we encourage employees to participate in voluntary social contribution activities across the fields of society and the environment. In Japan, EMEA, Americas, Asia Pacific and Travel Retail, schemes have been established to allow employees to take part in social contribution activities during working hours.

Employees around the world make social contributions on “Shiseido Camellia Day”

Every year since 2017, Shiseido has hosted “Shiseido Camellia Day” in EMEA — a day dedicated to employees making social contributions. We expanded this initiative to all regions in 2021, and held “Shiseido Camellia Day” in EMEA, Americas, Asia Pacific and Travel Retail again in 2022. This day is aimed at bringing employees who volunteer during working hours together to share their civic engagement, passions, and skills for the benefit of the associations in their regions. In 2022, we resumed in-person activities, mainly outdoors, with strict regulations to protect our employees and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Employees around the world participated in various activities tailored to the needs of their local communities.

In Shiseido EMEA, more than 560 employees from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland participated in programs to promote environmental conservation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and cultural and heritage education. They used their skills and their knowledge to contribute to their local communities.
Shiseido EMEA employees participated in community projects that included cleaning up the port area, where the office is located, planting a garden on the office’s rooftop, and wrapping gifts for refugees and nursing home residents. Other activities held in EMEA included plastic recycling, tree planting, weeding, and mental and physical health support for women suffering from cancer and female victims of violence.

Shiseido employees in EMEA volunteer

Shiseido employees in EMEA volunteer

In Shiseido Americas, more than 1,300 employees from across the region volunteered to participate in social contribution activities under the theme of “Protecting Our Oceans” to celebrate Shiseido’s 150th anniversary. Through “THE BEAUTY OF HELPING OTHERS” program, in which employees take part in social contribution activities throughout the year, Shiseido Americas partnered with 20 different non-profit organizations to host more than 30 events across the United States and Canada.
From cleaning beaches in California, Florida and Toronto, Canada, to supporting oyster reef restoration and coastline protection projects in New York and New Jersey and cleaning creeks and other waterways in Houston, Texas and Groveport, Ohio, employees came together to give back to their communities. In Brazil, Shiseido employees worked to clear man-made debris from the mangrove thickets of Sangava Beach.

Shiseido Americas employees take part in cleaning a creek and park

Shiseido Americas employees take part in cleaning a creek and park

In Asia Pacific and Travel Retail, more than 450 employees from countries and regions such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan participated in “Shiseido Camellia Day.”
In Singapore, more than 230 employees across the Asia Pacific and Travel Retail regions came together for Shiseido Camellia Day to walk for a good cause – to raise awareness and funds for initiatives that empower disadvantaged women and children. In Indonesia, employees participated in a charity walk event in collaboration with a Jakarta-based non-profit organization that works to support disadvantaged youth in acquiring and developing important skills. On top of contributing to society, employees deepened their relationships with their families, friends, and fellow employees through these activities.
In the Philippines, employees worked together to curate special product gift boxes for front-line healthcare workers, which included thank-you messages and product instructions, to show our appreciation for their hard work.
Additionally, in Vietnam, employees donated school supplies to disadvantaged children, while in Malaysia, employees held a cake-baking event for children to improve their education and nutrition, and in Taiwan, employees packed gift boxes filled with Shiseido products, accompanied by hand-written cards, to give to disadvantaged girls and young women.
Our employees volunteered to take part in various social contribution activities to make a positive impact on the environment and give back to their communities.

Shiseido employees in Asia Pacific and Travel Retail participate in a charity walk event

Shiseido employees in Asia Pacific and Travel Retail participate in a charity walk event

Shiseido Camellia Fund

Organizations and Activities Supported by the “Shiseido Camellia Fund” in Japan in FY2023

Areas Supported organizations Support activities of the Camellia Fund
Environment WWF Japan To foster producers of Indonesia’s sustainable certified palm oil to protect the global environment
Society All Japan Women’s Shelter Network To support the schooling of children who have escaped domestic violence with their mother
JOICFP To support in developing health facilities and provide childbirth kits to help mothers in Zambia give birth safely
Save the Children Japan To secure food through agricultural guidance and health/nutrition care services for mothers and children facing serious malnutrition in Western Uganda
Shiseido Child Foundation To help receive higher education for children raised in children’s homes or foster parents who have to start living independently at the age of 18
Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) To raise awareness on XP, and to purchase UV protection products and medical care products for children with the intractable disease XP
Japan Cancer Society To support cancer patients and their families through free cancer consultations, charity activities and support for cancer survivors
Culture Arts Initiative Tokyo Create artistic experiences to nourish the heart and nurture self-esteem through the power of art for children and young people who, due to disabilities or other factors in their upbringing, have limited opportunities to experience art or express themselves freely

Support for Ukraine

By supporting Ukrainian students, Shiseido expresses our commitment to building a peaceful and healthy society, and we pledge to support the future leaders of Ukraine. These actions align with our corporate mission of “BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD.” Since March 2022, we have provided humanitarian assistance through the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) by making donations and sending skin care products as relief supplies to evacuees. Our Osaka Ibaraki Plant in Japan hired two Ukrainian evacuees to provide them with a safe working environment. In June of the same year , we hosted the Shiseido Charity Concert “MUSIC for PEACE” at Suntory Hall*1, the proceeds from which were donated to Pathways Japan*2. Additionally, we offered funding to help cover the living expenses of five Ukrainian international students studying at ICU (International Christian University), so that they can concentrate on their studies. In the future, the Shiseido Group and its employees will continue to work with humanitarian organizations around the world to provide long-term support for Ukrainian evacuees.
In addition, we donated 1 million euros (approximately 130 million yen) through the UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to be used for their immediate aid. We also implemented a donation-matching scheme and organized a system to accept voluntary employee donations wherever Shiseido operates, raising a total donation of 440,000 euros (approximately 60 million yen).

  1. *1:Co-sponsored by Suntory Holdings Limited, Seiko Holdings Corporation, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., with the collaboration of Dentsu Inc.
  2. *2:An organization that aims to pave the way for refugees through education, and accepts refugees into Japan.