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Support for Patients with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), a UV-Sensitive Intractable Disease

Support outline

Shiseido donates sunscreen products and seminars conducted by our researchers and beauty consultants on how to use sunscreen products in order to support patients with xeroderma pigmentosum (hereinafter “XP”), a UV-sensitive intractable disease, who cannot be exposed to sunlight. Our employee-based activities include financial aid for holding patient exchange meetings using donations accumulated in a fund, which are withdrawn from employees’ salaries (Shiseido Camellia Fund), and sending volunteer staff to support the patient exchange meetings. By providing high-quality sunscreen products and teaching beauty methods for how to use those products, we help XP patients to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about UV rays.

Support outline


We advocate Empower Beauty (Activities to motivate and empower people) as one of our materiality issues, which includes “Improvement of consumers’ quality of life (QOL*).” We believe that protecting people’s health through our products in the face of environmental changes is an important social contribution of our core business. We have a long history of research into sunscreen products that protect skin from UV rays, as well as insights into effective sunscreen usage, and sell a broad range of high-quality sunscreen products. Support for UV-sensitive patients suffering from an intractable disease is an activity that can contribute to the resolution of social issues by taking advantage of our strengths.

  • *QOL: An acronym for Quality of Life

About xeroderma pigmentosum (XP)

XP is an intractable disease that causes a severe sunburn reaction, such as redness and swelling of areas exposed to UV rays. Patients with this disease are more prone to skin cancer than the general public. There are multiple types of XP, and the symptoms and severity vary. Since the ability to repair DNA damage caused by UV rays is deficient among XP patients, exposure to intense UV rays may prompt progression of nerve-related symptoms (walking difficulties, hearing loss, and intellectual disability). As the fundamental treatment has not yet been established, a proper light shield (i.e., blocking UV rays) is the only viable countermeasure. When patients go outdoors, they have to wear sunscreen and UV protective clothing. Even indoors, they need to shield the light by attaching UV-blocking plastic film to windows and light bulbs. The number of patients in Japan is estimated to be 500.

Support results

Item Description 2018 Results
Donation of sunscreen products We provided Shiseido Group's various sunscreen products (ANESSA, 2e, SUMMEDIC, Avene, etc.) to the Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)*. 1,821 items, 22 types of sunscreen products donated to 92 XP patients
Donations by employees We make good use of donations by employees (Shiseido Camellia Fund) to support patient exchange meetings and purchase UV protective clothing. 2,164,977 yen
Number of employees involved in support of activities of the Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP)
  1. (1)Seminar on usage of sunscreen products: Our research staff and beauty consultants provide patients and their families with the latest information on sunscreen products, as well as practical training and individual consultation on how to apply and remove sunscreen products correctly.
  2. (2)Support for patient meetings: Our employees act as child care volunteers during exchange meetings which are held to establish a network between patients.
18 employees
Number of XP enlightenment leaflets distributed In order to raise awareness of XP, an intractable disease, we support the creation and distribution of patient group leaflets.
  • Approx. 120 patient group leaflets distributed
  • 400 copies of 3rd XP national convention report produced
Focus topics
In February 2019, we won the Corporate Philanthropy Award from the Japan Philanthropic Association in recognition of our social contribution activities that utilize our management resources organically and sustainably to resolve social issues.
  • *Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) : A network consisting of three XP patients groups in Japan (Osaka, Kobe, and Tokyo). We are working to achieve more fulfilling daily lives for XP patients and their families.

Words from patients and their families

We received a thank-you note from the families of XP patients: “Throughout the year, sunscreen products are indispensable in protecting the sensitive skin of children with XP from UV rays and the onset of skin cancer. Thank you very much for letting us use your products with peace of mind. We appreciate your heartfelt support, which helps us cherish our lives with our children.”

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