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Diversity, Inclusion and the Empowerment of Women at Shiseido

We aim to build a culture that respects and supports the diversity of our workforce. By empowering people from various backgrounds, we are creating an environment where each employee feels valued and included. In particular, we actively promote the empowerment of women in Japan.

Empowering Women at Shiseido

Women’s empowerment in the workplace is one of our top priorities. As of December 2020, 83% of the Shiseido Group workforce is female. The percentage of women in leadership positions across our global organization is 57.5%*. As of March 2021, 46.2% of our board members are women. In Japan, as of January 2021, the percentage of female leaders is 34.7%. We aim to increase this to 50% to fairly represent gender equality.

To support this initiative, we introduced a workshop program called “NEXT LEADERSHIP SESSIONS for WOMEN” in 2017. These workshops provide training specifically designed for female employees pursuing a career in management, with a focus on issues unique to women.

In 2020, we introduced “Speak Jam”, a mentoring program connecting female corporate officers with female employees. The program provides information and support on the challenges women often face in life and the workplace, and our female corporate officers provide guidance based on their personal experiences. Speak Jam has become an important program for women at Shiseido in Japan, promoting a more positive outlook for their careers and, in the case of female corporate officers, helping to resolve issues that often impede the advancement of women.

  • * As of January 1, 2021 in Japan, and December 31, 2020 overseas
Mentoring program with female corporate officers Speak Jam

Mentoring program with female corporate officers "Speak Jam"

We also focus on improving our workplace environments to make them better and more productive places, not only for female employees but also others with diverse backgrounds and attributes, in order to promote further business growth through enhancing workplace health and safety as well as job satisfaction. To this end, we are implementing initiatives including revision of our work arrangements into flextime work schedules with no core hours, roll-out of remote work programs throughout the Shiseido Group in Japan, and adoption of an innovative work arrangement called “Shiseido Hybrid Workstyle” that allows employees to combine in-office work with remote work to maximize the synergy of the two work arrangements.

External Evaluations

Shiseido received the Prime Ministerial Award for Women Empowering Companies 2020 from the Cabinet Office of Japan to commend Japan’s Leading Companies where Women Shine in recognition of outstanding results in terms of policies, initiatives and achievements in promoting female employees to executive and managerial positions.
We were also selected as a “Nadeshiko Brand”* by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
Such external recognition is the result of our efforts to support the empowerment of women in the workplace, including career development and management training, as well as our promotion of a healthy work-life balance for female employees.

Shiseido President and CEO Masahiko Uotani was also recognized for advancing various leadership initiatives to eliminate the gender gap across Japanese society through his roles as Chair of 30% Club Japan, which aims to increase the ratio of women among Japanese corporate board members, and as Co-Chair for the Committee on Diversity & Inclusion at KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation).

Outside of Japan, we were recognized for our diversity in senior management by the WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD), a network of female executives from companies from around the world. We are the first Japanese company to win the WCD Visionary Award for Leadership and Governance of a Public Company.

We will continue to embrace diverse employees with different backgrounds, including not only women but also non-Japanese and mid-career employees, in order to accelerate diversity and inclusion.

  • * The Nadeshiko Brand designation was launched to publicize outstanding listed companies that are successfully encouraging women to play active roles in the workplace, which in turn attracts investors focused on medium- and long-term growth of corporate value.

The Prime Ministerial Award for Women Empowering Companies

The Prime Ministerial Award for Women Empowering Companies

2020 WCD Visionary Awards

2020 WCD Visionary Awards

International Women’s Day: Shiseido Global Action

Shiseido uses the International Women’s Day (March 8) of each year as an opportunity to implement various initiatives to promote a deeper understanding of gender equality as well as diversity and inclusion among all global employees. In 2021, we conducted the Career Relay Campaign as a cross-regional initiative under the common theme, “Enhance your confidence to boost your prospects.” As part of the campaign, we featured the backgrounds and career milestones of six female executives at Shiseido through our Company intranet, profiling their vital roles in respective regions across the world. In Japan, some 24,000 employees underwent Gender Equality training via the Company’s e-learning platform. We also held an open discussion about gender by women artists at the Shiseido Gallery.
In each country, we have promoted initiatives to think about gender issues together with employees.

Shiseido’s regional headquarters for Asia Pacific and Travel Retail, both based in Singapore, promoted initiatives together to urge their managers and employees alike to think about gender issues by, for example, distributing feature articles on International Women’s Day internally to promote the employees’ awareness, and requesting the design of original coasters and giving them out to employees to support the income of mother artists in difficult situations.

Shiseido’s regional headquarters for China donated 6,000 cosmetic products via the China Women’s Development Foundation to healthcare workers treating COVID-19 infected patients. In China, we also held a leaders’ panel discussion.

In our regional headquarters for the Americas, we held a panel discussion featuring female leaders where each employee shared their thoughts on International Women’s Day together with their photos on the Company intranet. We also conducted a workshop with a support group for survivors of domestic violence. Headquarters employees wrote what they learned from the workshop and expressed their empathy with survivors via postcards delivered to the group.

Our regional headquarters for Europe produced a video program featuring interviews with its employees, sharing their thoughts on diversity and inclusion initiatives and the importance of female leaders.

Shiseido will continue its efforts to make the world a place in which diversity and uniqueness are widely embraced and everyone can feel happiness and enjoy freedom regardless of gender.

Shiseido logo for International Women’s Day

Shiseido logo for International Women’s Day

Original coasters (Singapore)

Original coasters (Singapore)

Panel discussion by leaders (China)

Panel discussion by leaders (China)