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Fair Evaluation of Employees

In order to be a stronger corporate group in Japan and overseas, Shiseido Group has established its global personnel affairs policy, thereby defining rules and guidelines regarding various aspects such as evaluations and work conditions as personnel affairs measures.

Rules refer to globally unified standards that should be followed throughout the Shiseido Group, and personnel affairs measures are developed according to this policy.

Rules for Evaluation and Work Conditions

  • Implement system operation that will seek a degree of employee satisfaction while also ensuring fairness of work conditions internally and externally.
  • Eliminate evaluations that are based on preconceived ideas or impressions and strive to carry out highly transparent evaluations based on objective facts.

Guidelines refer to various aspects that specifically define the operational standards of personnel affairs measures based on globally unified rules. Specific plans or operations of a system are promoted based on these guidelines in view of attributes of respective countries and regions or subsidiaries.

Guidelines for Evaluation and Work Conditions

  • Implement evaluations based on target management.
  • In addition to accomplishment and performance, promote a development-type ability evaluation with an emphasis on process (exert abilities).
  • Provide evaluation feedback to employees and disclose relevant standards, including evaluation and promotion standards.
  • Implement evaluation interview with employees at least once a year.

Based on the aforementioned Shiseido Global Personnel Affairs Policy, the Shiseido Group in Japan is also evaluating processes and actions along with achievement in an appropriate manner, thereby building a system with a high degree of fairness and satisfaction.
Moreover, as a means of enhancing fairness and satisfaction of evaluation, the Group is also improving and expanding opportunities for training and offering feedback to personnel in managerial positions. Specifically, we are enhancing the skills of assessors on various occasions by means such as management training and newly appointed assessor training. Furthermore, Shiseido holds HR briefing sessions twice a year for management-level personnel of the Shiseido Group in Japan, with the aim of deepening their understanding toward our human resources system and its operation.

Structure for Listening to Employee Opinions

The Shiseido Group Engagement Survey is conducted twice a year targeting all Group employees working at domestic business sites with the aim of "creating a dynamic organizational culture" in which each and every Shiseido Group employee is able to enthusiastically work in an open and transparent workplace and gain a sense of satisfaction toward their work.

This survey was initiated as part of management reforms being promoted throughout the Shiseido Group. Shiseido must tackle a multitude of issues in order to promote such reforms, and employees are constantly expected to "change their awareness and actions." As these reforms proceed, various concerns may arise such as a gap between employees in terms of their awareness and efforts or motivation for undertaking such efforts may decline due to a sense of placing a heavier burden on employees. This in turn may reduce the speed of realizing Shiseido's vision. Consequently, the survey results are used so that the members of top management can take the initiative in listening to employees' opinions, clarifying current issues and utilizing the information to develop specific actions toward solving any concerns or problems.

Additionally, the results of the engagement survey are provided to employees via the persons in charge of respective workplaces. At the same time, all employees carry out initiatives in their respective workplaces to improve issues that have been identified in business operations and work environments.

Shiseido established the in-house Shiseido Consultation Office in 2000 and the telephone counseling service, which is outside the Company, in 2002, thereby addressing various matters such as inquiries and whistle blowing related to employment regulations and violations of laws and regulations from employees, limited-term contract employees and temporary employees.

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