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Skin Research

Observational Study of the Skin

■Visualization of Regional Differences in Oxidative Stress in Face via Biophoton Measurement

Shiseido has succeeded in evaluating on a “whole face” scale the oxidative stress*1 which accumulates in the skin due to damage such as from UV, by applying biophoton (UPE)*2 measurement technology through an ultra-sensitive cooled CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera in joint research with Tohoku Institute of Technology. The team then revealed that there are regional differences in the oxidative stress of the face. Furthermore, the team also found that, by using this technology, the oxidative stress level increases with age and is closely correlated with wrinkle formation.
These research results were presented at the Poster Presentation category at the IFSCC*3 Conference 2019 held in Milan, Italy.

  1. *1: Oxidative stress deteriorates skin’s natural ability to maintain moisture, clearness and resilience etc.
  2. *2: Biophoton (ultraweak photon emission: UPE): An extremely faint light generated from living organisms and invisible to the human eye.
  3. *3: IFSCC (The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists): An international organization dedicated to the development of highly functional and safe cosmetic technology through the world-wide cooperation of cosmetic societies.

There are regional differences in the oxidative stress of the face

■3D Visualization of Vascular Malformation in Pigmented Skin

Normal skin

Pigmented skin

Vessels (red) and macrophages (green)
Malformation of vascular plexuses in pigmented skin and
macrophages accumulated around the affected area.

Basic Research of the Skin

■Relevance of Capillaries in Skin Elasticity Revealed

Using the original technology to visualize the 3-dimensional (3D) structure of capillaries in the skin, Shiseido revealed for the first time that capillaries are involved in skin elasticity. Integrin-α5, which is present in capillaries, is an important factor for keeping capillaries in good condition. The levels of expression of integrin-α5 decrease with age, and this was found to also decrease skin elasticity, suggesting that maintaining the expression of integrin-α5 is crucial for skin elasticity. Furthermore, an extract from yeast cells was found to be effective in keeping capillaries healthy and promoting the production of collagen, which is important for maintaining skin elasticity.
The results of this research were presented at the Podium Presentation at the IFSCC Conference 2019 held in Milan, Italy, and won the top award.

■ Shiseido Clarifies "Propagation of Aging" inside the Skin

Shiseido Clarifies Propagation of Aging inside the Skin

Stem cells around sebaceous glands in aged skin

Solution Research of Skin Concerns

■An active ingredient, to improve wrinkles using Retinol approved for the first time in Japan.
Significant efficacy in neck wrinkles was also discovered.

The approval was received from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2017 as an active ingredient that "improves wrinkles" in quasi-drugs. Shiseido has been developing various cosmetic products for over 100 years. In particular, wrinkle improvement technologies using pure retinol are the fruit of research that has been carried out for about 30 years.
A new product containing pure retinol as an active ingredient was found to be effective in improving deep wrinkles at levels of Wrinkle Grade*4 after 9 weeks of use.

  1. *: Wrinkle grade (standard): based on the guidelines of the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society

In creating value that further enhances effectiveness, we have demonstrated that there is a correlation between age and wrinkles in the neck, and also discovered that retinol has significant efficacy of improving neck wrinkles. Being the only company in Japan that can manufacture and distribute products containing retinol as an active ingredient in quasi-drugs, we will advance research and apply its result to our products.

An example of noticeable improvement in neck wrinkles