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Social Contribution Club

The Social Contribution Club was voluntarily established by employees in Japan in 2005. Its activity programs vary from Shiseido Camellia Fund to donations for disaster-affected areas, Volunteer Activity by Collecting Various Items, TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) and Volunteer Menu. A paid-leave system named Social Studies Days* supports employees who do voluntary activities during working hours on weekdays. We aim to establish a company climate in which “each and every employee possesses a perspective for social issue solutions and an opportunity to voluntarily consider and take action,” and utilize in daily work and activities the findings and knowledge obtained through social participation and taking a broader view. We believe these efforts will lead us to the creation of greater value.

  • *Social Studies Days: A system that allows employees to participate in social contribution activities instead of coming to work for up to three days a year.

Shiseido Camellia Fund

Shiseido Camellia Fund is a social contribution activity promoted through donations made by Shiseido Group employees and friends of the company to support the activities of NPOs and NGOs that aim to resolve social issues. Shiseido Group employees who support the cause participate in this initiative by saving money in the unit of 100 yen from their monthly salary, and retirees of the company also participate by transferring money in the unit of 1,000 yen. Also, they hold a review meeting every year to assess support contents of each organization and select new organizations to support.
For details, please refer to Social Data.

Donations for Disaster-affected Areas

We donated to disaster-affected areas around the world. The combined goodwill of each of our employees and company friends has a tremendous impact.
For details, please refer to Social Data.

Organizations and activities supported by the Camellia Fund in FY2020
Areas Supported organizations Support activities of the Camellia Fund
Environment WWF Japan (target_blank) WWF Japan Fostering producers of sustainable, certified palm oil to protect the global environment
Social The National Women's Shelter Network (target_blank) The National Women's Shelter Network Protect women and children from domestic violence
JOICFP (target_blank) JOICFP Providing health facilities and childbirth kits to protect the lives of mothers in Zambia
Save the Children Japan (target_blank) Save the Children Japan Securing food and nutritional sources for mothers and children living in mountainous areas of Vietnam
Shiseido Social Welfare Foundation (target_blank) Shiseido Social Welfare Foundation Support for children raised by facilities and foster parents
Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) (target_blank) Japanese National Network of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) Purchasing UV protection products and medical care products for patients with the intractable disease XP and raising awareness for XP
Japan Cancer Society (target_blank) Japan Cancer Society Free consultation for cancer patients and their families and support for cancer survivors 
Culture Arts Initiative Tokyo (target_blank) Arts Initiative Tokyo Through the power of art, help cultivate a spirit can overcome disability and environmental factors

Efforts of "TABLE FOR TWO"

TABLE FOR TWO. This is an effort representing a concept that we, who live in advanced countries, share a table with children in developing countries beyond time and space. Our placing an order for one designated healthy meal delivers a meal to one child through TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), a specified non-profit corporation. In June 2017, TFT gave us a certificate of appreciation praising our annual contributions to the activity as a Silver Supporter company. Providing meals for children in developing countries enhances not only their physical growth but also their awareness of the joy of learning and their steady motivation for studying.

Volunteer Activity by Collecting Various Items

Since 2005, Shiseido has been engaged in a company-wide activity to support women, mothers and expectant mothers and to offer educational support to children in developing countries by collecting used stamps and miswritten postcards.
Collected used stamps and miswritten postcards will be turned into cash and will be used for various purposes in developing countries, including the shipping cost for recycled bicycles as well as the rescue activities for mothers and babies through the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) , and the Darunee Scholarship Fund to support middle school education for children in need in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar through the Education for Development Foundation (EDF).

Social Studies Days

Since 1993, Shiseido's Social Studies Days Program has allowed employees to participate in social contribution activities instead of coming to work for up to three days each year.

Materiality Core Activities
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