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Response to Inquiries

If a consumer becomes aware of anything unusual after using a product

If a consumer becomes aware of any unusual changes to their skin or other sites after using a Shiseido cosmetic product, they should stop using the product immediately, and report the issue to the store where they purchased the product or to Shiseido directly. They should see a dermatologist if the severity of symptoms warrants it. Upon receiving any such reports from a consumer or a store, Shiseido will promptly have the nearest distributor contact the consumer and a customer support representative will visit the consumer. Depending on the consumer’s physical conditions, our representative may advise them to seek medical attention or, as necessary, accompany them to a medical institution with the consumer’s consent.

Distributors are prepared to make referrals to dermatologists should such an event occur. Moreover, if the dermatologist determines that an investigation is warranted to determine the cause, Shiseido will provide samples for ingredient patch tests.

It is Shiseido’s basic policy to respond “promptly, courteously and precisely” to consumer complaints with a sincere attitude.

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Advice on first aid when experiencing a skin abnormality

  • 1. Stop using all cosmetics, including those for sensitive skin
  • 2. Cool with water (avoid using ice or anything other than water)
  • 3. Do not touch with your hands
  • 4. Do not bathe. When necessary, you may shower or wash your face with lukewarm water to wash away perspiration. Do not rub the affected site with a towel; instead, pat gently to dry.
  • 5. Do not perm, color or shampoo your hair.
  • 6. Do not drink alcohol or eat food containing spices or other irritants.
  • 7. Make sure you have enough sleep.
  • 8. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • (If you are concerned, see a dermatologist as soon as possible.)