• Human Resources Strategy


Human Resources Strategy

The Power of People Is Driving Our Growth

Shiseido believes that the power of people is the source of all value. We are working to achieve VISION 2020 and to create value around the world, and in these endeavors, our employees are our most important management resource. In accordance with the concept of "PEOPLE FIRST," Shiseido is increasing its investment in human resource development. By bolstering the strengths of individuals and maximizing the power of our people, we strive to enhance our organizational capabilities and build a strong company that is highly competitive.


Companies can drive the creation of new value by bringing together a wide range of people with diverse values, differing backgrounds, and varied experiences, and then encouraging these people to mutually support and challenge each other. As the interests and preferences of people around the world continue to diversify, companies must also take steps to bolster their own diversity. Shiseido is focused on global growth, and we believe that we need to promote diversity in a wide range of areas, including gender, nationality, age, work experience, and other factors.

Becoming a Company That Encourages the Promotion of Female Employees
Becoming a Company That Encourages the Promotion of Female Employees

The empowerment of women is an important social issue, especially in Japan. Shiseido employs a large number of women, while the Company's ratio of female leaders in Japan was 30% in 2017. Moving forward, we plan to increase this ratio to 40% by 2020. Among Japanese companies, we are making comparatively solid progress but for a global company this is still a low level. We recognize that we need to implement additional initiatives in this area centered on Japan. To promote the appointment of female leaders, we are advancing individual development initiatives. We encourage female employees who have potential to become managers to take on challenges through their work experience such as addressing higher level business issues. As a result, the candidates learn the basics of management while generating actual results.

  • * Please refer to Financial and Non-Financial Highlights for trends in the percentage of female leaders.
Implementing an English Mandate and Bolstering English Capabilities
Implementing an English Mandate and Bolstering English Capabilities

Beginning in October 2018, Shiseido will use English as its official in-house language. The objective of this initiative is to enhance communication among the employees in our workforce, which transcends national boundaries. We believe that the use of English will enable everyone to communicate directly with each other, and to promote this, Shiseido offers opportunities to study at the Company's expense. In particular, these initiatives are centered on headquarters employees who need English for their work. In 2017, at the beginning of this program, approximately 1,700 people took advantage of this opportunity.

Advancing Mid-Career Hires

Shiseido believes that mid-career hires are another important way of investing in human resources. We are currently recruiting people with high levels of expertise from outside the Company in order to reinforce areas in which our in-house capabilities are insufficient. Mid-career hires not only strengthen the specialized skills of the entire organization but also promote the generation of new ideas and the creation of value through interactions with employees who are already working at the Company. Shiseido has stepped up mid-career hires at the headquarters since 2016. We are planning to hire 200 more people over the next three years. In addition, we are also increasing the employment of people who have skills that are needed at each regional headquarters.

  • Please refer to Financial and Non-Financial Highlights for trends in mid-career hires.

Strengthening the capabilities of each individual employee is an important part of corporate growth. Shiseido is providing educational opportunities to employees who are motivated to continue to learn and grow. To that end, we are creating opportunities and environments in which employees can demonstrate their capabilities. In addition, we expect employees to demonstrate international leadership, possession of specialized skills, ability to accept and lead reforms. Creating opportunities in which employees can significantly enhance their intrinsic capabilities and potential is an important corporate mission. Through a variety of human resource development initiatives, Shiseido is working to maximize the capabilities of its people.

Developing Next-Generation Leaders

To develop people who will lead the next generation, we are investing aggressively in leadership development. In particular, we are taking a Company-wide approach at the global level. We have also taken steps to provide educational opportunities to employees who are motivated to study. For example, we have restarted an overseas MBA program that had been suspended, and we support participation in training programs other than in-house ones. We are also working to rebuild leadership education and are already moving forward with the development of a program for employees in leadership positions.

Furthermore, we are creating venues to support the mutual enhancement of skills on a global basis. In October 2018, we will establish the first World Learning Center in Singapore, where employees from Japan, China, and other Asian markets will study together and help each other to learn. In this way, we will develop employees who will be capable of making active contributions in global settings and leading the Company's future growth.

Our Leadership Development Program provides educational opportunities to next-generation leaders.
  • Overseas full MBA / MOT (two years)
  • Domestic full MBA / MOT (two years)
  • Mini MBA (three months)
  • Short MBA (five days)
  • Overseas Work Experience
    in emerging countries
  • English Camp
  • Find Myself
  • Online matches with other groups
  • Online MBA Essence
  • Young Managers Forum
Performance Management
Performance Management

Operational experience is the key driver in the development of competence. Shiseido has introduced a framework for performance enhancement that fosters the development of higher-level abilities by having each individual employee take on challenges while striving for higher targets. Together with the coaching and feedback of supervisors, employees will achieve further individual growth by cultivating new knowledge and skills in order to reach their targets.

Promoting Full-Time Employment

For fixed-term contract employees who have specialized skills and knowledge, and display a strong work ethic, Shiseido is providing opportunities to become full-time employees. In this manner, we will strive to increase the number of highly motivated employees who work energetically. We are advancing this initiative for employees in a variety of fields including beauty consultants, who interact directly with consumers in stores, as well as employees who work in production-related areas at factories.