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Past Special Exhibitions

The World of Shiseido Group — Moving toward globalization and more diverse brands

The World of
the Shiseido Group
— Moving toward globalization and more diverse brands

Exhibits of Corporate Culture

January 5 (Tue) to October 2 (Sun), 2016

Shiseido was established in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo, as Japan's first privately-owned Western-style pharmacy. Taken from a passage in the Chinese Confucian classic Yi Jing (Book of Changes), the corporate name “Shiseido” expresses the discovery and creation of a whole new value.
The company was named by founder Arinobu Fukuhara in accordance with the policy of contributing to people's beauty and health and creating a whole new value through the establishment of the business. As Shiseido grew larger and larger based on this policy, the company created a series of values: “Western-style,” “Advanced,” and “High Quality.” All of these values have taken hold in Shiseido's corporate culture.

And of these values, it is the idea of “Western-style” that is one of the most important fundamentals for Shiseido. At that time, Shiseido recognized the very existence of Western countries as a new culture. Western styles, philosophies, technologies and techniques were integrated into Shiseido's corporate management, where they have served as key elements in the establishment of the company's corporate identity. Having developed into the “Shiseido Group” of companies offering more than 70 diverse brands, Shiseido is currently expanding its business as an international corporation with its origins in Japan.

The intention of this exhibition was to introduce the Shiseido Group's global development thus far by exhibiting its product packaging and other relevant advertising materials, and to show the diverse range of brands and business lines of the current Shiseido Group on digital signage displays. The exhibition successfully showcased to the visitors the great diversity and uniqueness of the Shiseido Group's world.