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Past Special Exhibitions

Women's World, Cover of the November 1934 issue

The Changing Hairstyles of
Japanese Women 2
— From Perms and Bobs to Austerity

Exhibits of Makeup Culture

28 November (Tue), 2000 to 28 January (Sun), 2001

The tied-up and bun hairstyles that started in the late 1800s continued into the new century, spreading widely but also changing radically. These included the “radio style” with the hair in two side coils like radio-operator headphones, permed hairstyles, and of course the “bob” favored by the so-called “modern girls” of the 1920s. But from the early 1940s, the self-imposed sobriety of taste that came with the clouds of war caused the wearing of permed hairstyles to give way to more austere styles. This became one more example of how radical changes rocking society can influence women's hairstyles so considerably. This exhibition used images in artifacts like women's magazine covers and photogravures to look at some of the most representative hair styles and identify some of the hair care products used at the time.

Tokyo Konparu Geisha, Kachoro Kunisada, Meiji period

The Changing Hairstyles of
Japanese Women 1
— From Traditional Japanese Styles to Tied-Up and Bun Styles

Exhibits of Makeup Culture

26 September (Tue) to 26 November (Sun), 2000

In addition to items documenting Shiseido's corporate history, the Shiseido Corporate Museum also houses an extensive collection of woodblock prints, books, and other publications related to subjects like “women,” “makeup” and “Ginza,” as well as a collection of makeup related implements. The museum's special exhibitions periodically exhibit these as a lens through which to explore some of the changes that Japan's modernization as a nation has brought to its “makeup culture.” This exhibition in particular contrasted those from traditional Japan with those influenced by the influx of Western culture.

Hanatsubaki Magazine— 600th Issue Commemorative Exhibition Changing Times as Seen in the Special Features Pages

Hanatsubaki Magazine
— 600th Issue
Commemorative Exhibition
Changing Times as Seen in the Special Features Pages

Exhibits of Corporate Culture

30 May (Tue) to 29 October (Sun), 2000

Shiseido's corporate culture magazine, Hanatsubaki, has been published continuously for the last fifty years, and in June this year published its 600th issue. Among the antecedents of Hanatsubaki, there was the Shiseido Monthly, originally launched in 1924, which published not only beauty and fashion information, but also serialized novels, essays, and—rare for the time—news from abroad. This was followed in 1933 by the Shiseido Graph, and then in 1937, together with the founding of the Hanatsubakikai cosmetic user circle, the launch of Hanatsubaki itself. This groundbreaking magazine has always offered practical information on beauty and the latest fashions, delivering many useful lifestyle hints that have enhanced the lifestyles of women readers in every age.