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Past Special Exhibitions

Model garment from the Circus Ecstasy campaign (Winter 2012)

Ask and You Shall Receive
— Majolica Majorca
Celebrating 10 Years of Majolica Majorca
— A Special Exhibition at the Shiseido Art House

Exhibits of Corporate Culture

July 30th (Tue) to September 29th (Sun), 2013

This year Shiseido celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Majolica Majorca makeup brand with a special commemorative exhibition. This exhibition presented diverse treasures from Majolica Majorca's cherished collection, including numerous items packed with information to satisfy young women's boundless curiosity about the beauty. These included many of the original props and costumes used in the creation of Majolica Majorca's advertising visuals so far, in an exhibition that recreated for visitors the unique world of imagery for which Majolica Majorca has become known. Other features of the exhibition included a special on-site smartphone program offering contents available only within the exhibition hall, as well as a special bus, decked out in Majolica Majorca wrapping, that shuttled visitors between the Shiseido Corporate Museum and the south entrance of nearby Kakegawa train station.

Shiseido — Fragrance Stories

— Fragrance Stories

Exhibits of Corporate Culture

March 26th (Tue) to July 28th (Sun), 2013

Shiseido's first president, Shinzō Fukuhara, was among the first Japanese of the early 20th century to appreciate European perfumes. His thinking on such fragrances helped modern Japan develop a true perfume industry that would eventually contribute a variety of distinct new fragrances of its own. Fukuhara's thinking on perfume-making embraced the traditional designs and spirit of Japan, but also integrated stylish European designs as well. Shiseido has continued developing this approach to create a unique fragrance style that weaves together the truest essences of East and West.
This exhibition highlighted the spirit of Shiseido's perfume creation and the cultural significance of such fragrances in general, while also showing some of the richness that perfumes can bring into our lives.