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Research Activities

The Shiseido Corporate Museum houses a collection of corporate culture materials related to the company’s operation, marketing, product development, design, R&D and so on, and it also undertakes to verify and study these intellectual and aesthetic assets so that they can be used more effectively in the future. The museum also houses artifacts related to makeup and beauty culture, and it is constantly studying, editing, organizing and publishing or exhibiting these so that their stories may continue into the next generation, and also as a way to gain some useful insight and information about the newest takes on beauty and the future of makeup culture.

Eudermine: Research Transactions of the Shiseido Corporate Museum

Shiseido was founded in 1872 in Tokyo's Ginza district as Japan's first Western-style pharmacy, and has continued operating as a company for over 130 years. During this time Shiseido has dedicated its efforts to “creating beautiful lifestyle culture” through ongoing research and development and the release of new products, always in pursuit of new beauty. Along the way it has continuously cultivated its own unique corporate culture and its own “Shiseido style, as exemplified in its design sensibilities.
The Shiseido Corporate Museum, located in the city of Kakegawa in Shizuoka Prefecture, is dedicated to collecting the large body of corporate culture materials that remain as important company assets, collecting, preserving and studying these, as well as presenting a portion of them to the public.
The findings from these studies are published regularly in the journal Eudermine, which serves to offer a record of the museum's research transactions to a broader audience. Eudermine was launched in March 1996 and is published twice a year, with contributions by researchers from both inside and outside of the company. Its primary themes are wide-ranging, including articles on Shiseido's corporate culture, product development and promotion, marketing efforts, makeup and beauty culture. It also offers proposals for the operation of the Shiseido Corporate Museum and Shiseido Art House and records of their various exhibitions and announcements.