A solid foundation infused with moisture.
For uneven skin tones and surface conditions.

Equipped with Shiseido's original optical correction technology to help address blue, red and brown discolorations; dark spots, dullness and dark circles due to cancer treatments; vitiligo; and uneven surfaces caused by acne and other scars.
Provides a natural-looking finish that lasts. Resistant to water, perspiration, sebum, and transferring to clothes and face masks.* Can be applied to both face and body.

* 12-hour coverage. Clinically tested on 30 women.

Perfect Cover Foundation MC

Available in 10 shades

Perfect Cover Foundation MC

OCBO OC00 OC10 OC20 OC30 OC40 OC50 WB50 PO20 PO30

* Unavailable in Japan

Finishes (examples of coverage)

Bluish skin tone

  • Before
  • After

Reddish skin tone

  • Before
  • After

Brownish skin tone

  • Before
  • After


  • Before
  • After

Scars and uneven surface

  • Before
  • After

Skin concerns we address

How to use

Use after skincare, sunscreen, or primer. Take some product onto fingertips and apply it to areas of concern.

* Loose Powder is optional, depending on the preference and skin condition.

  • How to use the optimal amount of Perfect Cover Foundation MC
    How to use the optimal amount of Perfect Cover Foundation MC (0:37)
  • For large areas
    For large areas (1:20)
  • For small areas
    For small areas (1:10)
  • For uneven surfaces
    For uneven surfaces (1:26)

What our customers are saying...

in his 40s
It helps me focus on my job, not on how I look. I enjoy my life more now. I can apply it with one finger, so it's convenient especially in the morning.
in her 50s
I like how easy and quick it is to apply, and most of all I don't worry about how I look to others any more. It's uplifting. I get compliments it looks better and more natural than my usual makeup.

* These testimonials are individual experiences and results may vary.


Multi-light Filter Powder N
A blend of three types of pearl materials (blue, red, and gold) and pigments that covers all types of skin tones while creating a natural finish by filtering light based on complementary color theory.

  • Multi-light Filter Powder N
    Multi-light Filter Powder N (1:31)

Water-touch Smooth-fit Formula
Infused with a generous amount of moisture to spread effortlessly and fit over the skin.

  • Water-touch Smooth-fit Formula
    Water-touch Smooth-fit Formula (0:38)

The Life Quality Makeup consultations are available at retailers of Perfect Cover and the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center.