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Past Special Exhibition 2002

The Techniques & Beauty of Contemporary Pottery — Six Master Potters

19 September (Thu) to 24 Dec (Tue), 2002

This exhibition featured twenty-seven works by six master ceramic artists. Among these were four designated Japanese living national treasures, including Tamura Koichi (tetsue, Iron brushwork pottery), Shimizu Uichi (tetsuyu, iron glaze pottery), Matsui Kosei (neriage-de marbled clay pottery), and Suzuki Osamu (shino, white glaze pottery). The other two were Yagi Kazuo, well known as one of the standard-bearers of Japanese avant-garde pottery, and Kamoda Shoji, the genius pottery craftsman who died tragically at the young age of forty-nine.

Fujimoto Yoshimichi & Imaizumi Imaemon XIII — Iroe Polychrome Porcelains by Two Japanese Living National Treasures

6 June (Thu) to 16 September (Mon), 2002

This exhibition featured eighteen works in iroe porcelains with polychrome overglaze enamels by two potters designated “Important Intangible Cultural Properties” (that is, recognized as a “living national treasures”). These included Fujimoto Yoshimichi (1919–92), known for developing an extremely realistic decorative illustration style into the world of iroe porcelains, and Imaizumi Imaemon XIII (1926–2001), who introduced techniques like fuki-zumi and usu-zumi (“ink-spray” decorative techniques that leave gray and blue tinges) to colorful Iro-Nabeshima ware.

Iwata Toshichi & Iwata Hisatoshi — Glass Craft Exhibition

14 February (Thu) to 6 May (Mon), 2002

This exhibition featured fourteen elegant works in blown glass by Japanese glassblowing pioneer and instructor Iwata Toshichi (1893–1980), along with twenty-four by his eldest son Iwata Hisatoshi (1925–94), who carried on the tradition from his father.

Prints, Watercolors and Designs — Works from the Shiseido Art House Collection

8 January (Tue) to 11 February (Mon), 2005

This exhibition featured thirty-seven works on paper from the Shiseido Art House collection, created in a variety of mediums including prints, watercolors, pastels, pen drawings, chalk designs, and others. While paper-based arts like printing and drawing are sometimes thought to be simple and less complex than other mediums, this exhibition introduced some of the real appeal these offer through their truly diverse expressive possibilities.