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Past Special Exhibition 2022

Third ‘Craft for All of Us Ⅱ’ Exhibition
— Shiseido Proposals for More Beautiful Lives —

April 27 (Wed) — August 12 (Fri), 2022

Shiseido’s Craft for All of Us exhibition series began in 2015 under the sponsorship of the Shiseido Art House.
This year’s exhibition focuses on the following four artisans — IMAIZUMI Imaemon XIV (pottery), NAKAJŌ Iori (lacquerware art), YOSHIHA Yohey III (metalwork) and ADACHI Masao (glasswork) — and features not only new works created by these artisans, but also various antiques, commercially manufactured products, and select pieces from the extensive Shiseido Art House collection. One of the major highlights of this exhibition is its makeup, as vessels and implements were selected without regard to era, region or method of production.
As a variation on our previous exhibits, a new project was added for this show. The various objects selected were assembled in composed scenes that display the featured craft pieces arranged as they might be seen in actual daily life. The contents of a tea ceremony chest, with each of its assembled components produced jointly by the featured artisans, and a “picnic set” that brings together a selection of favorite and frequently used items.

Shiseido, Ginza and The Camellia

July 25 (Tue) — April 8 (Fri), 2022