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Past Special Exhibition 2021

Second ‘Craft for All of Us Ⅱ’ Exhibition
— Shiseido Proposals for More Beautiful Lives —

January 19(Tue) — April 23(Fri), 2021

Beginning in 2015, Shiseido Art House’s Craft for All of Us exhibitions have been a series of special exhibitions held regularly at the Shiseido Art House in Kakegawa, Shizuoka. One of Shiseido’s main corporate missions has been to promote the company’s ongoing commitment to ”creating beautiful living culture,” and plans were made to hold the Craft for All of Us exhibitions with the aim to carry out this mission in the form of its exhibitions. Another primary goal of this series of Craft for All of Us exhibitions has been to return hand-crafted artisanal items—which have increasingly come to be regarded as “works of art” and therefore grown more distant from people’s everyday lives—to the realm of everyday use.

The Craft for All of Us II exhibitions represented the second phase of the Craft for All of Us exhibitions, and were begun in 2019, constituting a continuation of all the concepts of the first-phase Craft for All of Us exhibitions.

In the Craft for All of Us II exhibitions, ceramic artist Imaizumi Imaemon XIV, who was one of the founding members of the first phase of exhibitions, has remained at center stage, and the following four artists were added anew: lacquer artists Nakajō Iori and Mizuguchi Saki, metalworker Yoshiha Yohey III, and glassworker Adachi Masao. Arranged in combination with a variety of other craftworks and implements borrowed from the Shiseido Art House collection, new creations by these five artists were put on display to replicate annual cultural activities, room decors or the seasons, as living examples of appealing ways in which hand-crafted objects can be used and enjoyed in everyday life.

Under current conditions, during which the effects of the novel coronavirus have continued to spread, the time we’ve been spending at home has continued to grow, causing us to focus our attention and interests much more closely on the everyday items we use than ever before.

Craftworks with high artistic quality add color to our everyday lives, and the time we spend enjoying them gives us quiet and profound pleasure. We believe that the Craft for All of Us II exhibitions have created opportunities to enable a review of Japan’s traditional cultural activities, customs or blessing of the seasons, which we have so frequently tended to forget in our bustling daily lives.